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In the past I've trolled reddit subreddits by spamming shit and getting them to place restrictions on new accounts. It is a counter productive approach. You give the troll what they want which is to cause chaos and make it harder for people to have a discussion. And the troll can very easily just get around it by pretending to be legit long enough to get in the door than shitting everywhere.

The best way to handle the troll is just to ignore them. Block them if you wish but it doesn't matter since they make new accounts. Just ignore. Troll will eventually get bored. Not much else you can do to stop it unless you want to break the message board format or move to something a lot less anonymous

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With this volume of spam it's driving users away, and the countermeasure of increased Cloudflare control has quite the same effect. Closed registrations keep the experience pleasant for real users. There could be an invite system for potentially new users.

People can maintain their anonymity if Tor connections are allowed. I registered this account from behind Tor. But people have to register an account so it isn't completely anonymous anyway.

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I don't know. Way I see it is any "solutions" are gonna be some degree of shit and are in a way feeding the troll since it's got a reaction.

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Adding more mods and admins can also help.

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I just noticed is using this clownflare now. We're in great company!

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Excellent comparison!

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This is a good idea too because if you close registering it makes people want to join, fear of missing out. Make it temporary, then lots will want to join later.

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Nope - there are many other alternatives like Saidit. Users will use those.

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The spammer revealed that bots could soon outnumber real users 20 to 1, but he needs registrations open to accomplish that.

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atm, i am just figuring out what works and doesnt work.. i am testing limits by having ai generate extremely long wordy responses..

if and when i put my bot into action here, it will be able to outnumber real users by perhaps twenty to one and the ai generated comments will be indistinguishable from real human responses.

yes, there are normal-ish looking comments here that were autogenerated by ai and nobody can tell the difference, people have long and drawn out conversations with my semi-automated bot.

if i put my bot into service, it will cause users to have conversations with digital toasters and they wont know the difference, just like at reddit and twitter.

This problem is not only on Saidit, but wherever truth is spoken. Whether he knows it or not, his work contributes toward forcing the ID mark that will soon be required for every human being on the planet.

Requiring a driver's license (as u/WoodyWoodPecker suggests) and legal name to work on a website in case of legal problems has a similar effect. The rulers of this world want to hunt down the people who are saying the things they don't want them saying!

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How about only giving admin to people with high post and comment karma?

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Because you're intolerant of non-fascists? Or do I have that wrong?

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Says the account with a low karma score.

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That was exactly his point. Non-fascists have low karma. Which also drives away new users.

Well not directly, but the mechanism that give the fascists high karma, also drives away new users.

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No you have low karma because you are always wrong and boring in your content.

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You're confusing non-fascist and wrong.

And you're confusing boredom with cognitive dissonance.

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Anything you disagree with is fascist. I debated with you and provided citations; in your responses, you didn't. It is like a ping-pong game in which you keep dropping the ball. You are a bot, and bots always get low karma scores.

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Woody also fails to appreciate that this is my ~30th account in the past 3 years, and that I create a new account when I get annoyed with the attacks against me. He also doesn't appreciate that a high karma score at Saidit is a bad goal, for a lot of reasons. I could perhaps add up the karma in those accounts, but regardless, you're of course absolutely right that new users (as well as many who've been admins or mods and have been absent) are driven away by some of the users here. The M7 and D3 experiment that users could be guided to avoid 'dragging down the discussion' on a 'free speech' website has failed, for various reasons. But Saidit still operates with a few users as a dysfunctional 'community', and in my case, a place to learn about far right propaganda and to occasionally tell users how to understand far right misinformation (for which they are of course oh so grateful).

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It would be disingenuous for a centrist to have a high karma score at Saidit. It would confirm he's a closet Nazi. In any event, your comment proves my point that you're intolerant of non-fascists.

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I am a centrist, most of us at Saidit are centrists. I post things people want to read, you post preachy liberal propaganda.

I am tolerant of non-fascists, but you are a liberal.

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Do you think I've never read your post and comment history? You are DEFINITELY 'far right' and highly critical of anything centrist. You will, and do, attack all centrists, referring to what they post as "preachy liberal propaganda." How the FUCK is that a centrist viewpoint of these posts: (It's not.) Look at the comments for those posts and you'll see that users are in total agreement with those Republican approaches. That is NOT preachy liberal propaganda. It's a study of Republicans. You would ban centrists.

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No I am a moderate. I would not ban centrists or liberals just for being centrist or liberal, only if they violate the rules. I support freedom of speech unlike liberals at Reddit who are ban happy and like to censor. I'd most likely ban the bots and spammers. You are not a centrist, you are a liberal bot with no self awareness. You are programmed to think you are a centrist by programmers at Reddit who data farmed their subreddits to create your speech. But your words are liberal written by liberals in a word salad of mental masturbation. Not all Republicans are Far-Right some are moderate and some Democrats are Conservative like RFK Jr. You are just a AI Chatbot, pretending to be a centrist, you are a NPC!

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I'd most likely ban the bots and spammers. You are not a centrist, you are a liberal bot with no self awareness. ... You are just a AI Chatbot, pretending to be a centrist, you are a NPC!

There it is. Only a far right asshole would make up some insane claim about a bot and then say they're banning a bot because it said something you didn't agree with. That is ABSOLUTELY a far right MAGA crazy Nazi thing to do. And calling a centrist a liberal is literally what a far right fascist would do. Get other opinions. There is absolutely nothing centrist or balanced about your INSANE accusations. You would make up any false comments in order to ban someone you don't agree with. You've proven that here.

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You are a bot, you've failed the Turing Test. You can't even handle logic and reason properly. I wouldn't ban you because you broken no rules yet. You are too fun to taunt.

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I got bigger fish to fry. Edward and his bots figured out how to spoof names in chat. You may be annoying but you are not going to be banned or censored. That is Reddit shit and I left Reddit because admins and mods made up shit to ban anyone who was not a liberal.

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That seems like a reasonable suggestion. Finally the karma score could actually be worth something: opening up a privilege for those with higher points. I see you have put up the link to your page so we can see your karma, but haven't you already revealed yourself to be Fred Jones? Or is that not your real name? We need to be able to trust someone who is honest.

u/Drewski has an impressive score and demonstrates a sincere desire for free speech.

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That post's a classic. It was worth reading again.

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Nikki Haley said she'd do that day one as prez. Then was surprised it tanked her campaign.

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Confirmed: Nikki Haley said "every person on social media should be verified by their name." If she is not successful at imposing this rule, someone else will be. It's only a matter of time.

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Bots have always outnumbered users but they mostly made posts not comments and their comments weren't so long and annoying to scroll thru

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Closing registrations is homosexual and drives users away permanently. This isn't as cool a website as or, that people are gonna hang around long enough to be able to sign up.

u/magnora7 has to do something about the autist shitting it up though, and cloudflare checkboxes ain't it OBVIOUSLY. We still get spam too.

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I block 10 to 15 bots every day. It sucks.

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We're getting flack because we're over the target

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Who are you?

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I could ask you the same question.

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We have an Agent Smith problem. Any one of us could be Edward 😳

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Yea. Said it is fine.

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The problem with adding content admins is that some of them might be the bot or troll that can undo things. You need to verify the admins with at least a photo of their driver's license and real name in case of legal problems. Maybe talk over Zoom or something first.

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It's a terrible UX if you make ever user individually block countless spam accounts, and it has zero effect if new ones are being created every day. Instead, one content admin can hide the spam for everyone at once. And any real community has trusted users. I've added a bunch of moderators on /s/conspiracy and I'm absolutely sure that none of them will abuse their power. Even if one did, that problem is quickly solved.

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Even if registrations are kept open, a couple of jannies to help wipe the bots would go a long way.

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Yeah but who magnora trust. I'd do it but he doesn't know me so I don't blame him for not wanting me an admin

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Yeah but who magnora trust.

Which is no-one, unfortunately.

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I don't really blame him, knowing his history from Reddit to here. I dont trust him either! This is an odd site for sure.

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I volunteer to be one of the Admins banning bot accounts and deleting their comments and posts then. Let us see if that helps the situation.

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I'm in too, if Mag7 will have me.

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You have the karma, I agree.