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This error message here only started a few days ago something changed. When I click a link to read then comment every single time error message of my reply. Every fucking time. I then reload back to main page, and hit reply on the message of interest (not open and read it) and then my reply sticks. Irritating.

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There's a DDoS attack apparently, and the errors are a result of the defense:

Just FYI this setting is automated by cloudflare and means we're under attack big time. I also noticed another big forum I frequent is also in lock-down mode today as well, so it's probably internet-wide. I wonder if it's election bots/shills getting started for this upcoming election.

It is frustrating, but the alternative is that we get DDOS'd so hard the site goes down. So I know it sucks, but just be happy the site is up at all, because most websites in our position wouldn't be online anymore.

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Saidit might be the website that makes cloudfare alter its pricing plans 😂😂😂

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Hemorrhoids are cloudflare flaring up.

I wonder if they're switching on another layer of digital tracing.

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Thanks for this. I thought it was something to do with my browser (Opera).

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Websites do hate a bad taste in music, so I wouldn't rule it out.

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Been copying and reloading then pasting since yesterday which is a mildly annoying workaround.

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Saidit is losing tons of value of my posts that won't. It's a shame

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You can also right-click on the logo choose open in a new tab and switch back to the first tab when the Cloudflare security passes you.

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Look at Downdetector, Cloudflare is still having massive outages.

Cloudflare just had a shared Security Certificate DDoS Vulnerability go public Sep 28th, allowing Cloudflare bypass and DDoS by using any Cloudflre keys, even free ones. This was reported Cloudflare via HackerOne (report 1909867) on March 16th, but is apparently not fixed and one might assume it is being heavily abused currently.

Here's less technical article on it