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I cited which rule it broke (which you are pretending I didn't do):

And it broke 2 rules. Both of which I explained and cited.

Maybe if you weren't spamming very low-quality memes 10x a day (that clearly drag the quality of saidit downward) I wouldn't have to remove it from the front page. Also you and your group are clearly doing this to bypass a previous sub ban, which also isn't allowed.

And it's not even banned, just removed from the front page.

If you want saidit to succeed and grow, then try submitting quality content.

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I cited which rule it broke (which you are pretending I didn't do):

Nope, I didn't see it, if I did I would have included in my post that it's totally made up bullshit. If you had 2 braincells to rub together you would know that the creator of altrightmemes is /u/disidenthr, not anybody from DAR. In fact disidenthr has been threatened with being banned from DAR by /u/send_nasty_stuff a while ago, so your lunatic schizo nonsense about this being some DAR mastermind conspiracy is shown to be ridiculous on its face.

Disident just invited us to be mods of his sub because we were posting memes that were getting lots of upvotes, completely mogging the absolute terrible content on this site which is why you got mad. You want to use this site as a way of only having misinformation to tardwrangle mentally ill people, it's quite clear this site is a psyop at this point; you ruthlessly censor anything that is in line with reality whilst allowing the most delusional insane shit that comes out of intelligence agencies to run wild. If you're not a jew yourself you certainly are doing their work for them.

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Why don't you just go make your own website to hate on jews instead of being unwanted somewhere the ever-hated joooo00000oooo keeps persecuting you?

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Gladly. You think anyone wants to be around all you <85iq schizophrenic retard bootlickers?

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I'm with you on this one. I appreciate some of the content by the guys of debatethealtright and I wish there would be more nationalist subs but rule breaking needs to be punished.

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Rule 1: Post your nigger memes in the default sub.

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I don't know how the algorithm works and why a small sub with only 18 subscribers ends up being on the frontpage. I also won't argue whether memes lower the overall quality because I don't mind some fun, especially if it's presented as fun, but I understand that others might think that quality means serious discussions with a hint of philosophical pondering. However, I think the following line does not represent the situation:

This sub is being used to bypass the previous debatealtright removal from /all

debatealtright promotes serious conversation and even advanced exchange of political ideas, while the sub in question is about viewing something funny to chuckle at. I don't think that one is a substitute for the other.

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