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Lemmy is a decentralized Reddit-like feed forum. Simpler than SaidIt, but decentralized and well supported.


Somehow the Mastodons are supposed to be a decentralized network. I haven't played with it enough to know how to interconnect to "follow" you. Or to interconnect federated Mastodon and Lemmy.

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Yeah like you just said Mastodons is supposed to be decentralized. I've been looking more closely at it. The appears to be their main server as it has the most users by far and this guy Eugen is the lead developer and admin.

So look here

So scroll down and look at all the servers they banned from connecting with their I mean like WTF !! Why are they gonna go to all that trouble of setting up this distributed network and then ban everyone else from connecting with their server?

...and that Eugen character does nothing but post pictures of cats. Weird.

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Oh yeah I see how this works... I followed you even though we are registered at different servers. It just asked for my @user@server address and that was it.