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Thanks for the site! I'll do whatever I can to spread the word.

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Sadly my Reddit interests are a bit niche (mostly internet drama), but I'll try to help.

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Let's keep up the good work.

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Make the internet great again! Social media for the win. Enjoy and spread the word.

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I am in, and saidit'ing it hard to everyone I know!

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Awesome! Glad to have you here

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New to this site and am not technically savvy. Can someone explain what problems are plaguing reddit and/or voat what saidit is doing differently in those departments? Cheers!

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Hi choppedlettuce, welcome to saidit!

One of the big problems with reddit right now is vote-brigading. This is when teams of people work together, using dozens or sometimes hundreds of accounts, to vote on comments and posts, to make parts of reddit look the way they want. Part of the reason this is possible is because reddit has up and down votes, so a downvote "undoes" an upvote, so to speak.

However on saidit, we have two kinds of upvotes (insightful, and funny) and no downvote. This means that there is no way to "undo" another person's vote, and no thus no easy way for these vote-gamers to censor others.

That's just one reason. Another reason is that reddit threads lock in 6 months and you can no longer comment or voat. Saidit threads never lock.

On reddit, bad actors can create dozens of subreddits and create the appearance of popularity when there is none. One saidit, accounts are limited to creating one sub per week. This makes it easier for the community to avoid spamming situations.

Saidit is also not run by corrupt admins who will turn a blind eye to censorship, as we unfortunately see more and more on reddit.

Also we do not plan to redesign the site to be more advertiser friendly as reddit is currently doing. We in fact have no ads, ever. It's completely run by donations, and is streamlined to be very cost-effective so we can run it for years to come.

Hope that helps give you an idea of what we're about. If you want to know anything else, just ask and I'll be happy to help.

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Thanks for the reply! This was a good intro, but I'm still curious. I'm still not sure how Saidit resolved the vote rigging issue other than preventing vote cancellation. How does it prevent artificial "upvotes"??

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There is no vote censoring because of the new redesign, which was a big part of the vote rigging. People can't silence others. However it would still be possible for upvote rigging to occur. We're thinking about adding measures to make accounts more difficult to measure, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it and that becomes an actual problem. We haven't solved the problem completely, but have solved the most important half.