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Stakeholder capitalism is a system in which corporations are oriented to serve the interests of all their stakeholders. Among the key stakeholders are customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and local communities. Under this system, a company's purpose is to create long-term value and not to maximize profits and enhance shareholder value at the cost of other stakeholder groups.

Supporters of stakeholder capitalism believe that serving the interests of all stakeholders, as opposed to only shareholders, is essential to the long-term success and health of any business. Notably, they make the case for stakeholder capitalism being a sensible business decision in addition to being an ethical choice.

This is part of the Banksters scheme to bring communism to the west.

"You will own nothing, and never be happier"

The WEF is also spearheading the transition from Covid response, so that it dovetails with "global warming".

The NWO goal is complete control of global resources.

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It is of my opinion, that they are going to spin this as part of the great reset, both to their backers and the public. But in reality, they don't want black rock or their other hedge funds to collapse, as they don't have an exit strategy for uncapped losses. In this scenario THEY are the ones who will end up owning nothing.

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But in reality, they don't want black rock or their other hedge funds to collapse, as they don't have an exit strategy for uncapped losses.

There are significant hedge fund rivalries, and some would like to see others eliminated.

An example in recent history would be Lehman Bros. in 2008 (if memory serves).

Sec. Paulson shouldn't have let LB go under, because they were the #2 to Vampire Squid Sachs.

They claimed "moral hazard", but they had just salvaged Behr Sterns, so it was evident and completely unexpected by Wall St.

Paulson let them fail intentionally, and later regretted it.

In this scenario THEY are the ones who will end up owning nothing.

There's been a decades long plan to destroy the Dollar as the global reserve currency.

They may collapse the system in a similar event, and then try to blame the independent investors as Patsy's for public outrage.

However, I don't think this will be the PsyOp they use to crash the market.

I suspect this event is staged to assess public opinion.
GameStop PsyOp is probably a beta test.

Although, this may be signaling to others in the know. These groups communicate in symbol and codes.

GAMESTOP! - Banksters take the hint: take profits and cash in your chips quickly...

It's last call for the US hegemon Party.


Having said that. It occurred to me that there may be an actual coded message for "GameStop".

The results didn't disappoint. Take a look. :-/

Maybe I'll look into some other GameStop related headlines/taglines...

It's unfortunate that this post didn't get more attention.

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It's important for me to emphasize that the losses resulting from this can be infinite, as they have leveraged out to beyond the stocks value, making it so they can not cover their losses, since there isn't enough stock in existence to do so. It's also important to note that this is illegal for this very reason. Another thing to keep in mind is that all of these large investment groups own stakes in each other. Which is why Melvin can draw money from Citidel, and Citidel and draw on funds from Blackrock to cover their losses. And they simply can not pay off the bets they have placed. They are the one's with outstanding debts, they are the once who placed these bets. They are the ones who will end up owning nothing.

Wall Street Bets have flagged the shorts of 36 other companies. and unlike Melvin, their user base, are making profits off of this, as melvin scrambles to cover their shorts.

Fun fact: Hedge funds are meant to hedge bets, not make profits. It's in the name. Where as they where using them strictly for profits. Big misake. Yuge!

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This is a great back and forth. Insightful fun facts, and all.

Respect! ;-)

I agree with most of what you've stated, which makes it what

Another thing to keep in mind is that all of these large investment groups own stakes in each other.

Not much has changed since 2008.
In fact, it's more intertwined, because the are fewer players than in 08, and much more money (fiat).

they have leveraged out to beyond the stocks value, making it so they can not cover their losses, since there isn't enough stock in existence to do so.

They (Melvin; and probably a number of unspecified collaborators) are literally checkmated.

But they haven't tipped their king.

I've never heard of such a thing occurring.

The odds that:

A) a loosely assembled group of Reddit collaborators could pull this off a seemingly flawless victory against a billion dollar hedge fund, and not blink, or sell stock, or accept a bribe/death threat. This is inside job material.


B) The annual WEF meeting at Davos (which ended yesterday (1/29/21), where they have already announced and committed to releasing the details of "THE GREAT RESET" and "THE 4th INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION" (both?!)


C) the over the top GAMESTOP gematria, and inherent innuendo...

Ur will later be known as Babylon.

So, he's the first king of babylon. A significant historical milestone. Somewhat related to... Babylonian banking...

  • A O Lord Inri.
    > The Latin abbreviation INRI can be traced back to the sign that Pilate had nailed to the cross of Jesus. John 19:19-20 states, "Pilate also wrote an inscription and put it on the cross. It read, 'Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews.' Many of the Jews read this inscription, for the place where Jesus was crucified was near the city, and it was written in Aramaic, in Latin, and in Greek.".

In Latin, the phrase "Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews" would have been translated "Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum."
* Biden End Times.
* Its Time
* The Mark Of Cain.

These are just a few that jumped out in the jewish calc.

Also, I agree that the gematria stuff is dubious. There's a close to 0% chance of conclusively connecting any of C) in any tangible way.
Even so...

It's not my thing, but these secret societies do use this kind of stuff, so this could easily be coincidental. OG Babylon King and all..

Even so, the odds of A) and B) occurring in the same week is improbable.


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Crony Capitalism based on permanent public debt always has to grow to survive. If savers hoard and stop consuming in a retail economy, markets will have to be created to keep money flowing. Davos and the 4IR is all about commoditizing humans, their genome, health and nature, which, when privatized will account for most of GDP. These will be the new emerging markets on a value vs. impact basis.

You will become a commodity is what they plan on doing. Not hard to see when thry write this stuff out in their white papers.

Also, Schwab has Jewish ancestry, and was in NYC on 9/11 with a prominent Chabad rabbi.

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Thanks for the ping.

I love your chess analogy.

A) Exactly!!!

B) Convention convenience.

C) I don't understand your Jewmatrixa and Babylon Zoo stuff.

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C) I don't understand your Jewmatrixa and Babylon Zoo stuff.

I don't either. I just typed in GameStop into the calculate and looked up any interesting words I wasn't familiar with.

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Nothing better to do than hang out on Ouijapedia?

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In not sure what you mean by this.
Sounds like a pedo site for peeping underaged ghosts.

I'm not into either of those in the least.

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Jewmatria and Ouija Boards are nonsense pseudoscience woo. Portmanteau it with Wikipedia and...

But sexy Caspar on the dark web sounds good too. I've been looking for vintage amateur smudge-glow-ghost porn Polaroids to fap with. C'est très niche.

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Well actually Hedge Funds use "hedging mathematics" to manage investments, ideally attempting to maximize RARORAC, that is, Risk-Adjusted Return On Risk-Adjusted Capital. Basically what this means is that Risk Management (or "Hedging") can be used to add/remove certain risk factors from some investments or portfolios, tailoring the risk to a certain targeted profile, as per the fund's description.

In other words, Hedge funds can go from hyper-stable, market-neutral, steady return profiles, to wild speculation.

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Hedge funds can go from hyper-stable, market-neutral, steady return profiles, to wild speculation.

I'm a simple blacksmith, who enjoys seeing the banksters take a beating.

Also, Blacksmiths are a suspicious lot.

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It's just another pyramid scam, like perpetual debt, fractional reserves, the Fed Rez, etc.

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I really like your view.

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Thanks. Although, I would be thrilled to look back in a year and be 100% wrong.

If this is legit grassroots, then I'm all for it.

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Thanks for the other ping. Capital U didn't work.

I'm never impressed with Jewmatrixa woo. I don't know what you want me to look at. I know a few magic numbers: 666, 33, 42, 13, 7, and 1 is the loneliest number.

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Yeah I am not seeing anything particularly magical about any of these numbers. It would be best if their calculator gave other words that "boil down" to the same numbers...

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That's exactly what happens if you select ciphers and allow it to search/load. It takes a while.

This is a unsecure site, which I overlooked before. So..

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The market is an intentionally way-over-complex matrix of obfuscating bullshit - so I don't understand any of it.

But I understand some of the psychopathic drives to dominate and control by any and all means. I also know that they not only have all the wealth - they have the keys to print wealth and they control the media, Internet, power grid, food supply, etc.

As ham fisted as we see things, the masses are sheeple and will go along with whatever they say. By the time they wake up to it, they're already in the abattoir.

On the chance this was a fluke event, they will capitalize on it, just as they would if it were planned.

/s/CyberWar has begun.

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Calling it communism is too kind. Also it's merging with capitalism.

It's full spectrum dominance for global tyrannical totalitarianism.

This needs a new not-normal rebranding term to convey the sheer horror of the dystopia to come.

Total-tyrannism ?

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Totalitarian Tyranny? Simple and to the point...

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I'm now starting to suspect that this wasn't as much a short attack for the cash, but an attempt to destroy physical media, as Gamestop is one of the only remaining game outlets, in the way of creating a close environment of the set top boxes and consoles. It has been their goal for some time, and Gamestop is in their way.

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That's an interesting take.

There's probably a number of brokers in the know that don't agree with the great reset.

This could be an internal revolt.

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I said as much about the "End Game" the other day. I didn't even go into the subversion and destruction of "Robin Hood" - the figurative corruption and death of hope for humanity (a clever maneuver for them).

Not only are the names convenient...


Also, as impressive as some flash mobs may be, virtual or otherwise, I hardly think this was just some semi-organized semi-chaotic perfect storm to expose the single chink in their armour - and China's Reddit.

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Msm coverage = smoke