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kind of silly. ayahuasca doesn't infect you with demons.

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Christianity has done more damage than any so-called drug.

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This flirtation with psychedelics we're seeing is not good. "Micro-dosing," DMT... those chemicals are dangerous to one's sanity. Good can come from them, but make no mistake: they are hard drugs, right up there with cocaine and meth.

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Typical response of someone who knows nothing about drugs. Cocaine is weak, it's boring, it's like smelly a cup of coffee without drinking it, only suddenly you become slightly more of an asshole. Nicotine is stronger and more addictive. The nonsense about 'hard drugs' is straight out of a reefer madness propaganda film. All psychoactives alter the brain chemistry, some people just shouldn't do it, others are drawn to it and enjoy it even thrive on it. It's noted that the more profound experiences are typically sought by higher iq types, those who are creative or intellectual. A psychedelic experience opens the door to experiencing more that just your shitty grey office walls and dreary morbid day to day.mundane of concrete suburbs and ritual torture of dead end jobs. Modern life in big cities is dangerous to sanity, psychedelics are simply a necessity to avoid insanity.

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My views on drugs are not the result of ignorance. Yes, before I'd ever taken any, I thought they were terrible. The "Just Say No" people fed us some real whoppers.

Then I got a little older and wiser, smoked pot and took mushrooms, and my opinion shifted. I thought drugs were 100% benign. I smoked a lot of pot as a young adult and even into my 30s, and did a lot of cocaine.

I'm still not "sober" by the most puritanical definition of the word, but I do have a healthier, more holistic view of drugs now that I'm older. With hallucinogens, there is the deep capacity for introspection and insight that comes when the drug is taken for the first time, or for the first time after a long period of abstinence. Yes, you can really learn some things about yourself and the world.

That's also dangerous. Imagine discovering what an asshole you are, all at once- or what a failure. And, of course, this introspective effect diminishes as the drug is used more. So, I don't understand the urge to, say, drop acid over and over again, and even dropping it once is dangerous.

Incidentally, your assessment of cocaine is pretty insightful. I've called it a "drug for stupid people." It is simpler than LSD or even meth, which makes it less dangerous in my mind. I never had any trouble getting off of cocaine. I can't imagine someone doing it a couple of times out of curiosity and going insane, or even changing much mentally.

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Stfu narc. Drugs work and should be legal. Sugar, alcohol, and tobacco have done more measurable undeniable damage than any of these illegal substances.

There will be world peace when you can buy cannabis in every street corner and can’t buy sugar anywhere.

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Aren't you also one of those wackjobs who thinks gay homosexual buttsex is superior to normal sex?

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You can't really microdoes DMT because your brain produces it naturally and breaks it down.

Microdosing DMT is your natural state.

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No fun either. Nothing better than a full dose of psychedelic to really get your mind open.

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Hence the comma. I think what people microdose is mostly LSD.