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    Yeah. I particularly liked the "Failed basic IQ test" message. And he only banned me from his user page. I never go to people's user pages.

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    Awesome. Hilarious he did that, I'm not surprised.

    Meanwhile, I'm getting followed around by a raddle mod who creates an account and posts a script on reddit every time I promote saidit anywhere on reddit, it's great. Seems to also give me like 8 downvotes. I'd report it to reddit admins (who might care about the vote brigading, which I've seen people banned for, but they probably won't care) but I don't want to draw any unnecessary admin attention to my account on reddit because that usually doesn't end well for me.

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    While it would be petty to create a SaidIt sub to enlist recruits to battle this nonsense I'd think it funny and support it anyway. Because I don't expect you'd be making boring posts or comments it might even be worth following. But it is petty.

    On another level I'd be willing to be botted. If there is such a thing. Or maybe wear a bot suit. If you created some code that I could let run over my Reddit user account that I've barely used and don't care about, I'd be willing to let it up vote everything you do. I might even be willing to consider making some socks for the purpose, but that seems more like a double standard, so maybe not.

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    Nah, don't feed the trolls. Just ignore these idiots. This isn't a troll war, this an information war, and the trolling is just an attempt to distract from that

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    GallowBoob's contributions to Reddit are on a level of a 7th grader. I'm glad I left that site behind for good.

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    Can we block users on Saidit?

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    Reddit is chinese communism, say anything against the grain you lose social score, lose enough of that score you get nerfed. Say anything against the grain you are silenced. Say too much against the grain, sitewide shadow ban, good luck taking a train. BTW hail emperor boob, and north korea is full of slaves icky, we want more chinese smartphones from concentration camps!

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    If I block all the mods in a sub will I be invisible to any banning?

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    Unfortunately, no. As far as I know, blocking someone on reddit just means you can't see their posts. They can still see yours.