the state of hypocrisy on reddit by poestal in MeanwhileOnReddit

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I can't feel sorry for conservatives nor those that deny the Holocaust or make racist comments. Besides, last time I was on Reddit - which admittedly was months ago - there were so many nasty comments about non Whites, that I just concluded White people on Reddit adored that sort of thing.

Not long after I commented that I blocked Gallowboob and a number of other power users/mods and it's made my reddit experience better and more authentic, I received this message. by cmdrrockawesome in MeanwhileOnReddit

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GallowBoob's contributions to Reddit are on a level of a 7th grader. I'm glad I left that site behind for good.

"Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'" - Martin Luther King, Jr. by magnora7 in quotes

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Honestly, I do a lot for people in my family, and my fiance. It's people outside of my immediate circle, whom I don't seem to care enough about to want to do anything for them. I wish it weren't so but it is.

Noam Chomsky calling out Christian Zionism in the US as the main reason the US supports Israel by magnora7 in WorldPolitics

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He's pretty much spot on.

Saidit keeps getting nonsense frontpage generalizations about liberals so I thought I'd help balance it out with some Conservative Paradise by EndlessSunflowers in conspiracy

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Thank you for this. Saidit is going the way of Voat, sadly. I may not be here for much longer. (I'm all for freedom of speech, but when it starts getting like Voat - just mindless hatred - I find it a turn off). If I want to see stuff like that, I'd go to some Far Right site and revel in it.

What was your most memorable time using public transportation? by flippermode in AskSaidIt

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Riding CATS in Charlotte, NC, I witnessed a woman drinking beer from a Coke bottle. You could tell what it was, that was obvious. She talked to herself and giggled the entire time. I was glad when she got off the bus because I found it hard not to laugh at her. I think the bus driver was afraid to say anything to her.

An update on the corporate takeover of the US government... by magnora7 in corruption

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This is horrifying! I concur that the gov does not represent Americans. All the gov cares about is money, money, money. Oh, and power.

Most wanted "criminal" vs man of the year by magnora7 in memes

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I cannot stand Zuckerberg. We all know why he gets a free pass. Do anything to him, and he'll scream 'Anti Semitism!'

Trump doubles down on plan to ship migrants to sanctuary cities, says ‘Radical Left’ should be happy by useless_aether in politics

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Dumb bigot. I'll be glad when he's out of office. Though I do not agree with illegal immigration at all, it's just that focusing on a 'wall' isn't going to change things. Go after the companies that hire them & the agencies that aid them, then there won't be an incentive for them to come here in the first place.

I wish the Sanctuary Cities good luck! by useless_aether in politics

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Who cares what The Donald says? His wives were illegal aliens, until they married him for his money.

NYC Casting Call Says ‘White Artists’ Will Be Paid Less Than ‘POC Artists,’ And Undergo ‘Mandatory’ Session Of ‘Anti-Racism Training’ by sawboss in news

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I think a lot of liberal-leaning Whites are going too far in their quest to force everyone to be 'racism free', especially their own race. It is not going to happen. Anti racism training? That's laughable. Besides, I know plenty of Blacks, and have heard of Asians, who are just as racist towards those who are not of their race. I find it hard to believe that Backstage allowed the playwright to post such an ad. I wonder what race this person is? Probably a guilty White liberal. I'm not White, and I find the casting call outrageous.

hopefully this is what saidit strives to be by poestal in quotes

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I hope so too. That other site sure doesn't.

Kids Aren’t Born Trans — People who pursue a cross-sex identity aren’t born that way, and children should not be encouraged to “transition” to the opposite sex, according to a reference work endorsed by the American Psychological Association by useless_aether in Psychology

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I concur with your points. Why is being trans not mental illness? I suffer from depression, anxiety, and ptsd - I am considered mentally ill because of that. Yet a little boy who has a penis but doesn't want it, is normal?

Reddit no longer has subscribing. They changed it to "Joining". by Yhvr in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Me neither.

Only black reporters allowed in Georgia mayoral race event by [deleted] in politics

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Sounds like one of those 'the shoe is on the other foot' situations.

Former SPLC employee: “We were part of the con, and we knew it.” by useless_aether in politics

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Are you a refugee from Voat?

TIL H.P. Lovecraft, who was born in 1890, was a racist. Shocking! by sawboss in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Yawn. A lot of people were racist in those days. Many still are, some of them just hide it better. Heck, Stephen King uses the n-word in a lot of his works, including Under The Dome, The Shining, Misery, and a fair amount of his short stories. I'm half Black and I still read his books.

TIL that we dont have just 5 senses, we have at least 14 of them. by Greedeater in TIL

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You're so right.

TIL that we dont have just 5 senses, we have at least 14 of them. by Greedeater in TIL

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Very interesting, I never looked at our senses that way.

NZ is going off the deep end with censorship by Doob in censorship

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I think the NZ government is overreacting.