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My week was super busy but productive, getting ready for a business trip next week that I am actually looking forward to.

I am excited about tomorrow night; getting all dressed up and going out to a goth event that's happening for the first time since covid.

As far as projects, I'm in the very beginning stages of putting together a little book I've been thinking about for awhile. I also just recently moved and have really got to finish painting - I'm so tired of beige! - and then hang up all my artwork and make my new place nice and cozy.

I may be dating myself, but my first crush was Daisy Duke.

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Last week was really rough, then it was really good, and then it turned back to shit. I'm a wildland firefighter for the season and we were on assignment for the past two weeks. We're about halfway through the season and I'm already this👌🏾close to burning out. We had 3 days off and we're back at it again today and for the next two weeks. Don't know how I'm gonna make it another month and a half (probably by making everyone on the crew increasingly uncomfortable with how introverted I'm becoming), but I need this money.

The bright side is that the mini bike I ordered got delivered over our weekend and now I have something fun to do during my days off. It's soooooo fun to ride and I'm hoping to take it up some hiking trails.

My car's been out of commission for a while due to a cracked radiator but it looks like I'll be able to fix that myself in a few days and be able to drive myself around again.

If I remember correctly, my first crush was on a girl I shared a class with in 3rd grade. I thought she was cool because she was older than everyone else in the class despite knowing it was because she had been held back a grade. I really wanted to be her friend but I had god awful social skills back then and she thought I was annoying lol

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Y'all German Lesbians, why come y'all didn't tell anyone that y'all got a lesbian dating reality show? Uh, uh!!

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I spent the week end visiting a friend in her new house. It was an old farm, it hasn't been used as a house since... maybe the 70s lol. They're renovating it, while both out of jobs, while over 1 hour away from civilization, it's completely crazy. The whole time, here I was with my shovel, thinking "they've been doing this for weeks. I would never do that. I would give up after three days. They bought this house while they couldn't even live inside. They aren't even connected to waste waters. They have to deal with their waste on their own. Why complicate your life to such a degree. But I guess it fits them, though." They were so energetic. It was nice to see. My dog got stung by red ants though, and I got overly worried, as usual lol.

As for the bonus question, I guess my first crush was my friend when I was 5 haha. She appointed me as her protector from the bullies 😎🤣