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Last week was super busy for me. Hopefully next week will be more relaxed. Got to start the weekend with a walk through a park though.

Not sure if I have a favorite, but I've been going back and listening to a lot of classic albums lately. Lots of k.d. lang.

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No plans this weekend besides for a virtual meet up with a Dutch woman. It isn't a date really but we'll see. It's my first long distance, across the ocean lol virtual date.

Besides that...rendering videos.

Favorite lesbian music artist: L.P. and my favorite song of her's is When We're High.

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Is it me, or is it tricky to figure out whether something is a date or not when it comes to lesbian relationships? I remember going on meetups with guys and knowing exactly that it's a date and nothing else.

Edit: on the few dates I went on

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Well, because this is a virtual date, I tend to put in very little effort. This is because I'm pessimistic about long distance relationships. With the whole covid situation, I don't see myself leaving the country any time soon.

If this was a normal non-covid world and she was here in my city, I would simply confirm by saying, "Hey, I look forward to our date". Instead I said, "hey, I'll see you tomorrow."

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I usually make it clear it's a date when asking them out. If they asked you out and you're not sure, just ask. It's just easier.

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I hope your sorta date goes well!

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I finally moved out of my apartment, into my new one. It's amazing. Quiet, peaceful, I'm surrounded by elderly people lol it's the dream. Downside is, the building is super old so... the... electrical architecture isn't ideal. That's also the reason it's cheap 😂

I am glad I got this over with. I can now enjoy my holidays in relative peace, sorting out all my stuff 😌

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Sometimes the quiet but eccentric apartments are the best ones. Some of my favorite places I've stayed at have been like that.

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My week has been fantastic! Me and the girl I have been on a couple dates with finely decided to go steady! She is absolutely amazing and it feels a little bit unreal that she is my girlfriend! Other than that, nothing has happened. I have one week left on my vacation, so I'm gonna do absolutely nothing and just enjoy being free.

My favourite lesbian artist has to be Girl in Red and my favourite song is "I wanna be your girlfriend".

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That's great news! Have a great week.