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I haven't gotten that one before but I hear about it a lot. If I did though....bro I am a GIFT that no man could dream of being good enough for.

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Maybe instead of ‘no I have a long term girlfriend and I’m gay’ you should say ‘no’ if he insist ‘no gtfo’. You don’t need to them him your life story. The more you give them information the more you’ll have to listen to their voice.

Now I’ve heard the ‘what a waste’ in other occasions (only online) I personally like to say ‘not that I would ever fuck yo ugly ass if I was straight’ just for fun. 😂

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I agree with this, as a matter of both principle and practicality. No one owes anyone else any justification for sexual disinterest. Furthermore, I've found that assertive simplicity is also way more effective in getting men to leave you the f alone. When I was going out to bars, what worked for me was just saying, "no thank you", politely and with a smile. I think the kindness helped preclude any potential aggressiveness on their part, but it also fits my personality, so it was a good strategy for me.

I've noticed that a lot of very young women (my younger self included) feel like they have to debate these guys, when really your body and your desires should never be up for debate in the first place.

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most of the time this happens is on my very public social media with my gf where they can already see I am gay and in a relationship. When I say that its almost a reaffirming that do you not have eyes dumbass this is an account that my partner is on with me

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I am also a conventionally attractive lesbian woman and I have gotten this comment a thousand times. It is extremely patronizing. But, the statement is very telling of the personality of the man who'd ever utter it out loud.

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ugh its awful. dehumanising. I hate it.

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I never tell random men who hit on me that I'm gay. I don't feel like this is a safe thing to do.

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Wow, how many times has that happened? The one I usually get is "but you don't look gay" lmao

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a lot. It's disgusting. Especially on social media.

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Wow, I'm so sorry you've been through that. Not fair and so disrespectful. Keep being stronger than that trash!

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Lol possible replies "Your comment is wasted on me. Go take your trash talk to someone who will value you."

"So is your time. Beat it."

"My life is more valuable without that kind of toxic comment. Get out of my face. Now. "