Her synthesis mirrors your own when you break it down to chemicals and biology and all the science you like to speak so concretely of by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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"Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?" is how her last sentence reads.

LGB Drop The Hobos...? by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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HAHAHAH WHAT THE FUCK????????????????????????

Does anyone need invite codes to Ovarit? by ShieldMaiden in Lesbians

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anyone have an invite code?

Casual lovers and erotic friendships? by Lizzythelezzo in Lesbians

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is it possible to get an invite?

Casual lovers and erotic friendships? by Lizzythelezzo in Lesbians

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is ovarit more active than here?

Where two males appear to be men by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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i laughed so hard reading this comment. thank you.

Where two males appear to be men by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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what the fuck did i just read

Billboard Chris has a conversation with a Polyamorous Androgynous Man about Puberty Blockers by supersmokio6420 in LGBDropTheT

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I love this guy. but i think it would have been better if he hadn't walked with him towards the end. gives them ammunition.

AGB user goes on a date with a trans man, but learns the hard way that progressiveness has little to do with reality by lazy-summer-god in LGBDropTheT

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if you would have told me this would be the fate of the "gay community", i wouldn't have believed you.

Void by plenty_water in LGBDropTheT

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I do have interests outside of this, thank you.

Void by plenty_water in LGBDropTheT

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i have no idea.

rant. by asparagus1 in Lesbians

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I'm pretty sure everyone here feels the same. Lesbians were already extremely hard to come by organically. Even before all of this bullshit, I felt pretty alone as a homosexual woman (prior to about 2015). Then around 2015 all of this insanity became mainstream, and it has really obfuscated not just the meaning of "lesbian", but the presence of lesbians themselves. Now theres queer, pansexual, non-binary, males in dresses claiming to be lesbian women, and a thousand other terms that have flooded and overwhelmed the centrality of simply being a homosexual. Anyways, we had a good place, /r/truelesbians that was very active and positive. And now it's this, a dead shell of what it once was. If it is any consolation, all of us probably feel the same as you. We are just normal people who happen to be homosexuals, and have no interest in making the broader gay culture a part of our identity.

Breaking up w my gf over trans ideology.. by hufflepuff-poet in LGBDropTheT

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I hear you. I went to a hyper-progressive liberal arts college in the PNW for my undergrad and masters. There would be No. Way. In. Hell. i'd ever "misgender" someone to their face or around people that I do not know. Otherwise, the repercussions would be actually quite serious. I was a graduate assistant at my university and I could have been fired, have lost funding for my research, or removed from the program. So yes, I do the same thing. but in private, around my friends and family who know how I feel - I do not use people's pronouns.

But that's the thing that aggravates me about it. It is that I am forced to do it to their face, otherwise face repercussion. And in theocratic countries it's quite similar - you must adhere to their dogma or face repercussion despite not sharing their personal conviction. It is the fact that someone else is imposing a standard upon me that I do not believe in that freaks me out.

Does that make sense?

Breaking up w my gf over trans ideology.. by hufflepuff-poet in LGBDropTheT

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This is exactly what I was trying to say in my comment on this post: gender ideology is LOGICALLY INCOHERENT. This is the issue I had with my ex-girlfirend who was 100% completely indoctrinated by the trans cult. I tried explaining to her in a neutral, non-emotional way how the queer/trans logic is flawed, and I tried to build her a logical tree that demonstrated precisely why the ideology should be rejected - and she just didn't get it. And that is one of the fundamental components that made me deeply unattracted to her. It's like, not only are you supporting a demented ideology, but you are at the same time refusing to acknlowedge a logical reality. And there is a deeper meaning to that - what does it say about a person that obfuscates reality when the truth is in front of them?

Breaking up w my gf over trans ideology.. by hufflepuff-poet in LGBDropTheT

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Hi. I have been in a similar situation as you before. I even posted about it on /r/truelesbians and /r/gendercritical when they existed. My post was entitled something very similar to yours, "How to deal with my girlfriend who has completely imbibed trans ideology?" I was surprised by the responses that I received, which were similar to the ones here in this thread. They said, "if you love her and you get along, why throw it away?" That response was quite a surprise to me. Even though all of us here are critical of the trans ideology and gender bullshit, it appears that many of us wouldn't allow it to interfere with our romantic relationships. Of course, I respect everyone's opinion here and they are entitled to it - but it is curious to me that everyone here is so vociferously against this ideology but would demure if it was supported by their significant other. Curious.

As for me, I dated a girl that I'd known for ten years for about 10 months about a year ago. She was deeply ingrained in the QuEeR lGbTqIaa2+ cult in my large metropolitan west coast city. Yes - i went into it knowing that she was indoctrinated, but I really tried to ignore it. However, it is something that I could not end up ignoring. This was because a lot of her friends identified as a gender special, and I was constantly having to interact with them. People here have differing approaches to this, but I do not want to hang out with people that force me to change my language in accordance to their ideology. Thus, I do not want to hang out with trans/queer people. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but I just find it a fundamental violation of my autonomy to participate in someone's delusion. Not going to happen.

Anyways, my ex had never once had a critical thought about the movement until we started being romantic and I started sharing my feelings with her. At first, she was deeply disturbed and wouldn't hear me out, no matter how gently i explained to her my feelings. When we did discuss my stance on it, we had serious fights because she felt like i was "disrespectful" to trans people. And i'd always say, "how could the truth possibly be disrespectful? It is simply the truth."

I couldn't understand how she didn't follow my logic. To me, examining and arriving to a just conclusion on trans and gender issues follows a simple logical tree. And when someone rejects the conclusion that we have all arived to, it is because they are rejecting one of the truths along that tree. For instance - it is a truth that there are two sexes, male and female. That is a point along the tree, and a person may choose to accept or reject that piece of logic. So, my ex was unable to follow the logical tree. She was unable to understand the truth. And that was one of the elements that made me deeply unattracted to her, among other things as it relates to this issue.

As I mentioned above, she had a lot of queer friends. And another thing that started creeping me out was that she befriended a trans lesbian who did not pass in any capacity. I was already struggling using the pronouns of her female friends, but when she brought around the male lesbian I just...couldn't handle it.

I told her, "you're forcing me to change the way I perceive reality by brining [insert trans woman's name] over..." So yeah....

Anyways, your situation is different than mine, and perhaps your values are different than mine as well. I guess, I want you to ask yourself this: 1. do you feel like using her brother's (or sisters?) pronouns is a fundamental violation of your autonomy as a human on this planet, and is it something that you do not want to sacrifice? and 2. will you still find your girlfriend attractive despite that deeply unsettling feeling that you disagree on this topic?

I am curious to know the answers to these questions, too, if you have time to respond.

Unlike others, I do think that it's a completely justified reason to break up with someone over. I wouldn't date someone ever again who wasn't critical of gender. And I promise, there are attractive, sane, intelligent and gender critical lesbians out there... hmu...ha.. ;)

Bi feels their Queerness "Drifting Away" :( Gets transcendental Haircut. Queerness comes back with a Vengeance. by MarkJefferson in LGBDropTheT

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I almost spit out my coffee reading that RIDICULOUS word.

Books with lesbian protagonists worth reading? by plenty_water in Lesbians

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I would seriously appreciate a list of books. Sad that your effort was thwarted by the sub being deleted. :/ anyways, yes, please send me whatever you have. I just downloaded Amatka. Dystopian is my favorite genre. Lesbian dystopian? EVEN BETTER. thank you.

Books with lesbian protagonists worth reading? by plenty_water in Lesbians

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Wonderful. Thank you.

ActualLesbians gone dark after pedophile trans mod gets called out: Ovarit by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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wait, which subs did he mod?

How do you guys go about talking to fellow gay or bisexual people about gender ideology? by jim_steak in LGBDropTheT

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this is the crux of it all, thank you.

How do you guys go about talking to fellow gay or bisexual people about gender ideology? by jim_steak in LGBDropTheT

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This is such a good question and an important topic. Since I peaked five years ago I've been slowly coming out as a massive TERF to everyone i know, and i know a lot of people. But at first I was scared and confused. I first spoke on the subject with my girlfriend of six years. And then it was to my best friend, another lesbian. And then to my mom and sister. I trusted all of these people. I'd never really spoken on the subject before, and so I didn't do my best at explaining it. Five years have passed and I've written (in comments and posts on reddit and now saidit) and thought deeply about gender/queer/SJW bullshit, and I am now a better communicator on this matter. When I meet other gay people I am always curious to know how they've been touched by this issue. You can usually automatically tell how indoctrinated a person is based upon the way they communicate about social justice issues - it usually is a good barometer. so if you're wondering how you can get a feel for a person's potential stance, first go check out their instagram if they have one. If they post those condescending virtue signaling posts about whatever social justice topic, it's probable that they're indoctrinated on "queer" stuff as well. If there is an absence of this stuff, then there's potential that they're also resisting it too. This is a strategy I use all the time as a litmus test, and so far it's worked.

But...for people that you know already believe in this queer BS? This is something that I've encountered as well. In fact, one of the girls i was most recently dating was totally indoctrinated and extremely resistant to anything I had to say. She was extremely abusive and generally a terrible person so perhaps she doesn't count. It didn't work out, which is good. Anyways.... I think challenging someone so indoctrinated takes quite a bit of time. I genuinely believe that it can't really all be done at once. People need time to think, especially about issues they're extremely emotional about and that are a deep part of their "identity". If the topic would ever come up - i dont know how it would - it could happen in a million ways - one of the most important things is to act genuine without any hint of emotion or negativity or malice. You kind of have to play stupid. One way to do this is ask a lot of questions. "What does queer mean?" "what does it mean to "IDENTIFY" as a man/woman?" "What is a man/woman?" "what's the difference between simply being gender non-conforming and trans" "were you gender non-conforming as a child? and if so, do you think you should have been trans, and how did you know you weren't trans?" "would you date a trans person as a homosexual?" These questions make people think for themselves. And if they're receptive, you can add your own opinion. This has worked for me, and i have peaked so. many. people. in my life using this exact strategy.

Was anyone else here a supporter of trans rights, until they went too far and started demanding unquestioning compliance from every corner of society? by ukrdude10 in LGBDropTheT

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Yes. Same trajectory. I think it's the case for many of us, since this really wasn't a big deal up until 2015. Before then, I didn't give a shit about trans people because 99.9% of the time that category consisted of formerly (or...currently) gay males. That demographic did not intersect with me, my dating pool, or my life in any way. I was like. Sure, whatever. Don't give a shit. Use the bathroom. But now it's different. Now they do pose a threat. It's straight males "identifying" as women, its the hemorrhaging of butch, gender non-conforming, and even...just..plain old lesbians, it's the transing of children, it's the reification of gender stereotypes, it's the pushing of boundaries, the eradication of spaces, the witch-hunting and demonization, it's A-Z fucking annoying and illogical. And now, here I am, jaded and critical of gender and of gender dysphoria. Although I have more respect for traditional tranSEXUALS, the demented nature of the queer movement has unveiled to me the illegitimacy of transgenderism in totality. Before, I didn't give a second thought to whether I believed being trans was real. I just accepted it. Now, I've thought about it in depth to the point that it's probably unhealthy because this whole thing makes me so angry. Now I'm certain that gender dysphoria is a mental condition that is produced by underlying factors such as OCD, trauma, and/or the immense pressure one places on oneself when they feel uncomfortable with the identifications they force themselves into. Dysphoria can be resolved through mindfulness and therapy - methods that are non-invasive, physically painless, and less of less exorbitant cost. Long story short, if this movement hadn't gone bat-shit crazy I would never had to have thought about it so in depth and come to the conclusions that I have arrived to that made me reverse on my former position. So to any TRAs angrily reading this: You're a bunch of fucking morons and go fuck yourselves. BYE

Gay Liberation Front demands 1970. Can anyone explain to me how current TRA demands are in any way analogous to these, as we keep being told? by Uranian in LGBDropTheT

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It's really like straight people have observed the style that gay people have formed and just want to emulate it? I'm like so fucking confused. I can't believe or understand how we've reached this point. This was a perfectly healthy woman who probably spent way too much time on tumblr and twitter, convinced herself she's a gay man, and...I guess..that's it. Idfk. What the fuck. And honestly, I know this is trite and so overused, but this shit is actually so fucking offensive. Being a homosexual is a physiological reality rooted in biology. It has nothing to do with emulation or how one dresses. This person is fucked.

Ellen Page on the cover of TIME. She just looks like a butch lesbian. by socialistrobot in LGBDropTheT

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i just tried looking for a recent interview and couldn't find anything..can you share?

Ellen Page on the cover of TIME. She just looks like a butch lesbian. by socialistrobot in LGBDropTheT

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How often do you guys meet other lesbians in real life? by Srime in Lesbians

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A few authentic lesbians year. But i also live in Seattle.

“What a waste” by [deleted] in Lesbians

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I am also a conventionally attractive lesbian woman and I have gotten this comment a thousand times. It is extremely patronizing. But, the statement is very telling of the personality of the man who'd ever utter it out loud.

So YOU thought /r/lgbt couldn't get any more batshit by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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What's it like to have completely lost your mind?

What words/phrases are you sick of hearing, and/or can't take seriously anymore? by OPPRESSED_REPTILIAN in LGBDropTheT

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Anything that has to do with/these particular words or terms: intersectionality, critical theory, queer theory, queer, non-binary, VALID (holy fuck), genital preference, inclusive, bigot, TERF

Gold star lesbian confirmed! by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Just another day in 2021. Up is down. Left is right. Words are devoid of meaning.

I’m a lesbian BECAUSE I love dick by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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I honestly can't believe that we live in a world where...things like this are said, and not in jest. How is it materially possible that we've arrived to this point? HOW are you TRANS yet you're claiming to be BIOLOGICALLY FEMALE? IF YOU WERE FEMALE FROM THE START YOU WOULDNT BE TRANS YOU FUCKING DEMENTED PSYCHOPATH