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Many heterosexuals never thought about their identity. They never stopped for a moment to self reflect. Since they were children they were told men are like this and women are like that. Your purpose in life is to build a family and have children.

When they see someone living outside gender norms their brains explode, it goes against everything their parents taught them. So the fault must be ours, we are perverts and attention seekers. We go against their culture and the very basis of civilization (their words, not mine).

As you already figured, the problem people have with same sex attracted people is about gender. Men aren't supposed to fuck men, that's a woman thing. We are "unnatural" because we don't act like men are supposed to do.

When presented with this problem a straight person can take three paths:

One, they spew hatred and homophobia wishing we were dead so the unnatural thing dissappears and they can go back to mindlessly drifting through life. In the case of straight men they can use homophobia to strengthen their bonds.

Two, they make an effort to seek the truth. They realize they have been lied, homosexuality is a natural thing and their parents have filled their heads with gender bullshit. Its very unlikely, too much effort for the average straight person.

Three, they decide to embrace us as unnatural beings, completely misunderstanding us. They see us as freaks, but they are progressive and kind, not like these conservative bigots. Being unnatural is good, fashionable and sexy. Being gay is all about being gender non conforming, throwing bricks to the police and making your fetishes a political statement. Trans and gay are the same because both of them are unnatural and piss off conservatives.

To sum it up, the vast majority of people take gender norms as reference. Enforcing them or defying them. But no matter what, we are still singled out because they can't understand us.

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I feel like you are being a little unnecessarily rude about the intelligence of straight people here. I honestly think shit like this (ie. Calling straight people stupid dull and boring - not the last two for this post specifically but as a general rule). Is what has gotten us to the nightmare situation of people who are 100% straight trying to find any way to identify as LGBTQWHATEVERTHEFUCKTHEY’VEADDEDOF LATE++IA. I personally think for allot of them identifying as “queer” (god I hate even typing that word) it’s not a “funky cool thing” as you put it but as a way to escape from the title of being an “opressor”

TLDR shit like this insulting straight people as being dumb monkeys who sometimes can understand gay people is not helpful at all

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Yeah, I guess we can agree to disagree. I don't doubt there are a lot of smart and sensitive straight people out there, but it hasn't been my experience. From my family, to friends, to random people out there...the vast majority of them are dissapointing to say the least. Their incompetence almost killed me, so what can I say. I would be lying if I said I have straight people in a high regard. Everything that has to do with "straight", everything surrounding their culture as heterosexual people has been a constant source of problems since I have memory.

It happened exactly as I described. Dumb monkeys that sometimes, in very rare occasions, could understand where I was coming from. At least when it came down to this subject, extremely dumb.

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Ever consider that that may be the people you’re surrounding yourself with?

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They start to question themselves, asking "Maybe I like girls (or guys) too?" or "Maybe I'm really a boy that's into boys?"

That's a good catch!

Why? Because this is also applied to gay and lesbian people and always was.

Oh, little Jimmy is more feminine than his peers? He must be a girl in disguise!

For years homosexuality was treated as some sort of "sexual inversion syndrome" closely related to sex "misidentification", so much so, that many efforts behind gay conversion therapy involved HRT.

If they can't change the attraction, they go for the body.

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Nope. No it doesn't It confuses you. We're not the one's trying lop off bits of ourselves for a narrative.

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Also heterosexual people are not stupid being bisexual, gay, or lesbian has been mainstream and we'll known for decades now.

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Huh? No it does not.

Keep in mind that most T's and Q's have narcisscistic personality disorder, are borderlines, cluster B and have a whole shopping list of mental and physical health issues some which are real and others that are self-diagnosed.