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It's almost as though you've found out that transitioning didn't make you happy and that it's better to just accept yourself as who you actually have always been

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It's funny because gay, bi, lesbian, straight, and even many trans people knew this would happen. The attention seekers will not be able to keep up their lie for long. Many NB/Trans-mascs (aka women and girls) have undergone hrt, the testosterone effects are mostly permanent, increased body hair growth, voice changes, enlarged clitoris, and many have also had their breasts removed. What will they be left with once the initial obsession has worn off? I've read posts from a de-transition woman about how her beard won't stop growing despite multiple electrolysis sessions. Those who have had their breasts removed can always get implants, but this comes with an increased risk of cancer and the need for new implants after a while. So they have to repeatedly cut themselves open. Those are going to become anti-trans speakers. Even those who have only just socially transitioned will have their lives negatively effected. I doubt that many of their friends and families will take them seriously after that. You can argue that their friends and families should support them in experimenting with their identities, but that won't change the fact that most won’t. The embarrassment, I can’t even imagine. After they've damaged the LGB community, the NBs and queers will return to their cis-het lives. I'm really curious to see how they'll de-trans in front of their audiences, as well as how the trans/TRA/NB community reacts.

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It'll just keep getting bigger since the number of child transitions increased massively. Most of the detransitioners are going to be girls who started transition in early puberty.

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Unfortunately, there's no roadmap back to sane and healthy for these people. I used to follow the detransitioner Rival Maverick on YouTube. Recently one of her videos popped up on my feed under a new channel name. She was detailing her experience taking her top off for money on OnlyFans. Note how many detransitioners still use the language of gender ideology ie. 'cis'. These people are still immersed in a warped world that teaches them to disassociate from their bodies and normalizes sexual exploitation. And they've been denied the health services they need to really address their problems. Cluniac on Twitter/YouTube is another example..

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So... when you're nuttier than a fruitcake...? That about covers it.

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Before the whole trans trend took off then research on transsexuals showed that they're very stable in their cross-sex identity - this is why transitioning seemed right. People with personality disorders have often unstable sense of self what includes gender identity. Thing is, clinicians had a very easy solution to this issue until TRA mob showed up crying how gate-keeping is bad.

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Blaire White did a video about this topic a couple of weeks ago on her YouTube channel. Should be easy to find. I didn't watch it all.