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We believe science is real*

  • except biology

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and sexuology

and sociology

and psychology

basically all -ologies except bullshitology

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Maybe we need to revisit the debates of the atheism movements of 10-15 years ago.

Science is not a belief system, and anyone who says "trust the science" without understanding it themselves is just operating on faith. This is a religious statement, not a rational one.

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anyone who says "trust the science" without understanding it themselves is just operating on faith.

Agreed, and I find that kind of concerning, lol. I will say, though-- I think science requires believing that there is an objective reality. And the far, far left postmodernist people... might actually not believe that. It's frustrating. The implications of believing that there is no objective reality are often not examined, either.

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I agree completely. Postmodernism just plagues some academic thinking. People get too immersed in theory and ideas, and they lose touch with material reality. Then you end up with people using circular logic to define words (“I feel like a woman, so I am a woman!”) because they reject definitions grounded in objective observations. Biology isn’t 100%, with regard to intersex conditions and related phenomena, so that justifies them rejecting it for this nebulous lunacy about gender identity. These people refuse to agree with you about objective facts and seek to alter how other people use language and muddle the meaning of words which used to have clear definitions to most people. It’s almost impossible to argue with them because you have no starting point with them; it’s agree with everything or you’re a bigot. It’s so absurd.

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I was, am, a math/science guy. I believe in science. I believe in raw data.

Not one person that puts this etsy sign outside of their home has any clue of what science is and are just boisterously screaming at the world "I BELIEVE WHAT THE TV TELLS ME!" hahahaha

smooth brains. smoll.

edit: as to your faith/religious statement- the same part of the brain that religious aspects are stored in/activated by is the same part that hyper sports fandom and hyper politics is stored in/activated by.

woke-ism truly is a religion to these people which is just as fucking stupid as living and dying by a sports team and I say this as a guy that likes some sports but not enough to lose my mind over it.

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“We believe pseudoscience, and only pseudoscience, is real”

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“Look at us!!! Look at us!!! We are SO woke!!!”

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how self righteous do these people feel when they put signs out on their lawn and do literally fuck all to help a single person that needs help?

Just patting themselves on the fucking back while doing nothing. Part of me is a little jealous.

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Performative activism. Just like everything with trans activism, it all goes back to narcissism. These people are just as bad as the nuts on my block with the Trump flag flying over multiple clustered signs, one of Calvin (from the Calvin & Hobbs comic) urinating on Pelosi’s name in all caps and one of QAnon. These people don’t have real identities. Everything is performative for them.

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Use imgBB

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I believe they need to clean their veranda after they examine their cognitive dissonance.

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thanks for the heads up. will definitely be using imgbb again in the future.

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Oh, that's a relief. I thought science was imaginary.