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Thank you so much! I knew someone would point me in the right direction so I can see what the hell happened.

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You're welcome!

Yeah, we got caught in the second banwave along with subs like TrueLesbians, ActualWomen, the debate sub, etc etc.

Here's a list of known related subs I was keeping track of on the day we all got banned:

[–]EllaRoxySuper Lesbian[S] 22 insightful - 1 fun22 insightful - 0 fun23 insightful - 1 fun -  (3 children) for someone who is never short of words this is something. It's getting to the point where I don't want to wear my rainbow stuff anymore for fear someone would associate me with these lunatics. I realize they have their own flag but still.

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Part of me wonders if the banning - and then unbanning - of r/detrans was intentional.

It certainly did garner a lot of attention on social media, and subsequently, the rest of the subs that got removed flew under the radar.

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Personally I believe it was intentional. Many of the users in r/detrans are critical of the transitioning process, beliefs surrounding transgender identity, medical and legal handing of gender dysphoria, and the general treatment of desisters and detransitioners by trans activists and their allies. Even the detransitioners there who believe transition may work for some people but not all get branded as anti-trans by outside viewers. Recent banwaves affected subreddits that were seen as "hateful" so I'm surprised Reddit reversed the ban of r/detrans.

Detransitioners' voices and concerns are tossed into the wind because they go against the popular narrative at the moment that affirmation is the only model and anything else will end up in dead bodies. The detransition phenomenon "invalidates" other people's experiences about transitioning. I have seen people that stopped identifying as trans get abandoned by trans friends, get turned on as if their very existence is somehow a threat in and of itself. There are some very ugly underbellies to the trans community and movement that is only starting to enter mainstream consciousness because detrans folks have long been censored, intimidated, and guilted into silence.

A r/detrans user commented something to the effect of "there is no it gets better message for dysphoric people, you either transition or end up killing yourself" and I felt that. There need to be more alternatives to treating gender dysphoria.

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I wonder if that is what happened too. I am so glad there are more people who feel like I do. The small minority should not be taking over the community as a whole. This whole labeling someone as a bigot because they disagree with you needs to stop.

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said it very pro free speech, we are a pretty mild group here.

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Awesome! I love you name by the way lol

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When it comes to alt tech sites like this, I'm less concerned about the site Admins themselves and more about censorship and pressure from domain registrars, webhosts, crowdfunding sites, and monopolistic financial services. Not to mention the ever common DDOSs and arbitrary decisions of those who protect from DDOSs (Cloudflare).