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My guess is Election season. Self Important busybodies in silicon valley think it's their responsibility to get the right candidate (tm) elected.

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Don't forget that a large chunk of Reddit is Chinese-owned, and the Chinese government hates Trump because he's been tough on China as far as trade is concerned.

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Somebody (Bloomberg?) threw a lot of money at Reddit hoping to steal this year's US election.

That's all.

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How can we verify it? I'm thinking it might be visible as a regularity in the tax statements of reddit or its employees or something. Or someone buying a fancier house/car than they should be able to afford.

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People could build up a profile of who owns how much of reddit. I think you could figure it out by looking through news articles. Like the tencent purchase was public. I think the amount of control each organization has over reddit is proportional to their percentage of financial ownership.

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I think they want to interfere in the elections.
Project Veritas showed that Google/ Youtube has been doing the same thing. They want to prevent another Trump.

But because it is forbidden, they have to hide it behind all kinds of weird rules.

But would be easy to beat Trump, if the people running the DNC (and the Media) were not so obviously corrupt.

I can also imagine that propaganda pushers like the CIA or Atlantic Counsel are preparing for a war with Iran/Venezuela or cold war with China/Russia.
But I don't think Reddit are influenced but not controlled by them.

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Imagine the crackdown when they have a real chance in 2024. Because I doubt the trump movement would go away when he leaves office.

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Yeah, there hardly needs to be any major conspiracy.

But here's also the other thing. Users (and mods) can be basically anyone. So anyone can pay anyone to post there and enforce their perspective.

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The Hillary team would have loved to take over the Donald subreddit. But they would soon post anti-Donald news, because I don't think they can get into the same mindset as the Donald fans. The division between the candidates is too great.

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Spez is backing Democrats, they just want their candidate to win in 2020.

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There was a thread yesterday about reddit user arabscarab but now I can't find it (deleted?). Some digging led me down a rabbit-hole:

It all gets pretty conspiracy-like very quickly but they allege that she is behind the philosophical changes at reddit. Who knows?

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I remember that Ashooh post. It's a good one.

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Well....the owner spez for one is a cannibal ( not joking ).

He is mod of a cannibal sub which has now been put on private. Old comments of his he spoke of eating human flesh. ( not kidding ).

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It's the Hegelian dialectic.

South is anarchy/liberty/freedom/voluntarism. North is totalitarianism. The "Left" Democrats are always going NorthWest. The "Right" Republicans are always going NorthEast.

Back and forth, fighting over which direction, as long as we're moving North, zigzaging as necessary to distract and hypnotize the masses. They pretend to fight about nonsense while actually fighting about important things in private arenas like closed boardrooms, secret societies, and NGOs - but they all agree on the matrix of rigged systems moving North. Their great Illuminati pyramid is just the very top of a octagon, with more options they don't want you to know about.

Republicans have the power, and are popular - yet are demonized. There really is no imbalance, just the illusion for some. And the Democrats are playing their roles well. As long as we're focused on them fighting we don't notice how we're all moving North.

Carrot and stick - whatever it takes. If you want to know how the powers that be work, I've outlined some of their Machiavellian psychology in the early part of this: