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This site seems to be half-filled with conspiracy theorists, so you'll feel right at home. There are different outlooks on each of the conspiracies talked about, and be prepared for some childish arguing. This is also helped along because it's not as big as Reddit so certain users have louder voices. This site was founded by a conspiracy theorists and he seems to have made it, not to push his ideas, as much as let information flow freely. I don't subscribe to a lot of the views, but I do appreciate the information being passed around. Keep in mind that there are only a few dozen regulars that float around among the subs, but each sub has it's regulars, too. Also, there is a troll/shill battle going on right now on this site, so be prepared to sift through those posts and comments.

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That's literally not true. When this site started it was called and aimed to find common ground. Few posts are conspiracy, most are quite well founded with citations and evidence.

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Oh, I agree with you that most of the talk is backed up with evidence or documented reasoning, and I really like that. Reading what I posted, it does sound like I was disparaging, but I meant to say that there are a lot of different views on the same conspiracies comimg from different angles. It was a poor choice of phrasing on my part.

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my dog has enjoyed drinking from an open toilets since he was a small puppy.

so one day i figured what the heck and took a sip and it wasnt that bad.

we sent samples to a lab and it was found to have high levels of puberty blockers and dmt.

welcome to saidit.

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Welcome to Saidit! I hope you have a better experience here than you did over at that dumpster fire of an echo chamber called reddit.

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hint: the bardfinn is aware of your racist posts.

the reddit police are preparing sealed indictments for your arrest.

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The homos and some others seem to have their own subs that don't appear on s/all. There's a debate the alt right sub, and something called a gender critical sub. Click on usernames of accounts making comments on those topics, and check the subs they comment in. You can find a number of 'secret subs' you had no idea existed.

Welcome to saidit!

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Hello there and welcome to Saidit! I hope you have a good time and enjoy using the site.

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The harder they fight, the stronger we get. Welcome to SaidIt! Big thanks to u/magnora7 and u/d3rr for making this place!

Was it the post about SaidIt getting shut down for a couple of days? If you're wondering: u/magnora7 said:

I just found out it was a billing error. Apparently our server company suddenly decided to stop accepting the credit card that was being used to pay for it, without telling us, for basically no reason. It's all been resolved now though.

There's also, which is kind of like Twitter, but you can say pretty much whatever you want. I made a SaidIt group over there, which might be useful if the site goes down again, instead of using Tencent Reddit.

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Bookmarked GAB page. This is good to know.

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why is there a dinosaur on the entry page? thats kinda fkd up and scary. i cant do it. i peed myself when i saw that monster. fk. are you people trying to give me a heart attack? cuz you almost did it. fk dinosaurs.

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I've been meaning to fix that for weeks, but I still don't know why the actual banner won't upload.

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i should have put the /s in my post.

dinosaurs are fine.

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You don't need to. I already know everything you say comes out of your ass — hah, get it? Okay, maybe that wasn't funny.

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ṫḩǡȶś ọҝ.

ῑ ạɱ ţȓŷįᾑɡ ῥȧṧṡȉὴǧ ṁȳ ḉõɱɱêրԷṡ ťẖŗȕ аῂ ộἧḷḭրḗ óḃẛùṣćáʈơř.

ἱ ẇậṉṫ ťồ śêḛ ῒϝ ťĥȇ ƅồŧș ⅽǎṋ ȓḛаɗ ıṫ όř ηọȶ.

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Edit: apparently he meant if people can read the text, not just bots, in which case: the answer is yes.

Definitely not. There are only two ways a robot can read so'm:

  1. It takes the text directly from the website

  2. It takes a screenshot and passes it through an AI

The problems with these are that:

  1. The bot would have to know to convert all the special characters to normal, ASCII characters

  2. AIs ain't very good at discerning obfuscated text, which is why captchas are a thing

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there are actually online interfaces(api's) that allow bots to automatically send a query to a slave labor company that will solve captchas for your bot for pennies.

just fyi.

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Starting from 0.5 USD for 1000 solved CAPTCHAs

Those are some cheap pajeets.

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That ain't a bot reading it, that's a real person. If you're asking if you can pay people to read obfuscated text: yes.

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i am fully convinced that ameliamay is a bot. /s

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Right? I'd rather see a rat, maybe one swimming around. Much more friendly.

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Welcome and ignore anyone trying to demoralize you. Post lots, comment often. And share Saidit links everywhere!