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waaaaaaaaaaaaaa go build something or improve yourself and get out of others' business.

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and yet here you are.

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i only made an account to see if i could report the chud shit lmao

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I can see why your parents neglect you.

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You are here because your safe space has turned into a cesspool of infantile garbage. All the intelligent people have been banned or left of their own volition. The comments are all mindless meme garbage. There are no intelligent discussions, and that is the major draw of news aggregators. Reddit is quickly dying and you are here trying to see if there is some way to sabotage the competition to force users to stay on your garbage platform for lack of an alternative. You're fucked. It's over.

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"I'm gonna report you!" What a dork!

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It should all be allowed. That's the point. Not just what you like. It should ALL be allowed.

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I'm not either one. I am voting for either Biden or Jorgensen, and I think trans women are women.

But I thought r/GenderCritical had something to offer. There was a woman there who competed in athletics, who posted on social media that she thought it was unfair that she had to compete with trans women. That was all she said, nothing more. Her friends bullied and gaslighted her, and when she tried to post on r/twox, it was deleted. Keep in mind this was a reasonable opinion to have not that long ago. If she had not found r/GenderCritical, she would have had absolutely no support. Similarly, another woman was raped by a trans acquaintance and all her friends didn't believe her and kicked her out of her friend circle. She was very depressed at losing the friends she'd known since being a teenager, after being raped. r/GenderCritical was the only place she could find support. Now, that space is gone.

I am also very concerned about Reddit's policy of disallowing hate but allowing it against "majority" groups, which I assume means men / white people. This isn't the liberalism I grew up with. I'm still the same liberal I was 10 years ago. Nothing has changed. And I don't think it's sustainable. You can't allow one sided hate speech without it being reciprocated.

I'm sure that Reddit is smug and confident that sites like this won't win out. Because we don't have the "network effect" and they have the first mover advantage. There were many Reddit alternatives that emerged in the years. One of the first ones, Imzy, was believe it or not from the left. So this site may well die, but I'm willing to give it a chance for the time being. I'm not at all against censorship of advocating violence or other very extreme views, but the way Reddit is going about it isn't right. They seem to be listening to a very narrow segment of activists.

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Imagine being so scared and triggered at women because they acknowledge that men who identify as women are men.

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This does seem like just a reddit clone. The style looks almost identical and the only change I rely see is the upvote change which is cool and all.

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You're missing the key difference; it's not populated by crybaby faggots! The users make all the difference in the world!