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Its kind of hard to tell. She does look taller and more muscular than just about anyone else on both teams, tho.

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What angers me is that when trans people commit crimes the fact they are trans isn't mentioned but if they are victims that nugget of info is shouted from the rooftops. What struck me is the legs and thighs. I have muscular legs but nothing compared to Cori's. The other things that raise questions is the name and the fact Cori initially played on the boys team not to mention the level of aggressiveness required to sucker punch someone.

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And the fact that when she did punch her she laid her out with one punch.

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Here's Cori two years ago, when she was 11 and considerably slimmer:

But the stats given in those pieces indicate that even when she was slimmer, at age 11 Cori was already 5'8 and 150 lbs - which is quite big for that age. Not so much the height - I was 5'8 at 12 - but the weight. 150 lbs is a lot of weight at 11 even for a girl who is 5'8. Now, two years later, it looks like she's closer to 180 lbs.

Cori and her sister legacy's Twitter has more photos, though most are dated:

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I am not a tiny person so I know women come in all shapes and sizes. That said there's such a difference in size and appearance between one of the pics you posted and this other pic I just found. Do you think someone that age would be on steroids?

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I don't think it's necessary for a female of this age to be on exogenous steroids for her appearance and physique to change in the ways shown in those pictures. Fact is, most female children of the age she is in these photos - 11 and 13 - are in the throes of puberty; as a result, they are being flooded with natural estrogen and progesterone, two very powerful endogenous steroid hormones - along with a small bit of testosterone.

Girls undergo their major pubertal growth spurt and surge in skeletal development and bone density at this age, which is why girls typically achieve their adult height around or by 14. Some girls achieve adult height earlier, some later than 14, but 14 is a good ballpark age. By contrast, boys undergo their major pubertal growth spurt and surge in skeletal and bone development several years later, which is why they don't usually achieve their adult height until they are 16 or older.

If a girl has or is predisposed to any endocrine condition that might cause her to pack on pounds and to appear more "masculine" than she looked previously, such as PCOS or insulin resistance, the condition usually will begin to rear its head once her ovaries reach maturation and she begins ovulating and menstruating - which in most cases occurs between 10 and 13. The average age for menarche, first menses, is 11-12. For many girls, the major part of puberty is long over by the time they turn 13.

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Live and learn. Very illuminating.Thank you

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Glad to be of help. Live and learn is right! When you live a long time as I have, you pick up a fair bit of useful info along the way.

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The fact that she was so tall at such a young age makes me think shes female. She does have a somewhat ambiguous looking face tho.

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If she's the daughter of a former NBA player I'd expect her to be tall for a female.

As for starting on the boys team, I did sports when I was a kid and the best female players played with the boys teams. I think they did that when they wanted more of a challenge. When they got older and joined official school teams they switched back to the girl's teams, usually varsity. It was just the community youth leagues where they played on the boys teams.

Actually even I was on youth soccer team when I was super little where the only girls were myself and a friend of mine I'm still in contact with. Then as I got older I was on girls team. A girl from my school was on the boys team but was also friends with a bunch of my team. She would sometimes come and help us at practice.