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Only one comment mentions OP's behavior is "rapey". Another TIM justifies the rape:

IMO my trans* status is part of my medical history and should be treated accordingly. Cis women who are infertile don't feel compelled to tell me they're just hooking up with, why should a post op trans women be accused of rape for doing what is logically congruent.

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What does being infertile have to do with hooking up?!?

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Seems an infertile woman would be a plus for a hookup as pregnancy is NOT the goal!

These men are sick.

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The funny thing is that this person is using "logic" when a) there is none, and b) saying that being trans is part of a person's medical history cuts the whole "I was always a woman, just in the wrong body" bullshit right off at the knees. It cannot be a part of your medical history just like being a woman isn't a "medical condition", even if it is part of a person's medical history, then it just proves that they are nothing more than a creation of hormones, surgeries, and mental illness.