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The Reddit hivemind it pretty singular in the belief that you are whatever gender you claim to be and you don't need to disclose it, ever.

There's also a lot of hostility towards the 'cis' men for whom they've transitione in order to ostensibly appease. Note that the OP describes himself as a 'bimbo' - fake lips and breasts - and then describes himself as having 'everything a woman has'. Funny, here I was told that 'biological essentialism' reduced women to body parts.

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Horrifying. I knew this sort of thing happened, but I had no idea how few people in those communities push back against "stealth sex" (nausea inducing term).

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While horrifying if true, I'm skeptical that this TIM could engage in non-painful sex, without any, um, preparation, four months after having his bits chopped up and rearranged. The extreme casualness of the post makes me suspect it's a fantasy. Still rape, though, so a rape fantasy.

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yeah, I'm not really buying that story tbh. It sounds too perfect. "You're so tight", the guy couldn't tell the difference...sure....

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Hes in the UK so someone correct me if I'm wrong, but there was a case of rape by deception in 2015 in which the female victims won out. The precedent has been set so this little rapist should go to jail, no?

And no sir, you are not the same as a real woman.

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Looks like this happened in the UK, where there is a law against rape by deception. I hope this man realizes what happened and presses charges on this TIM.

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Only one comment mentions OP's behavior is "rapey". Another TIM justifies the rape:

IMO my trans* status is part of my medical history and should be treated accordingly. Cis women who are infertile don't feel compelled to tell me they're just hooking up with, why should a post op trans women be accused of rape for doing what is logically congruent.

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What does being infertile have to do with hooking up?!?

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Seems an infertile woman would be a plus for a hookup as pregnancy is NOT the goal!

These men are sick.

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The funny thing is that this person is using "logic" when a) there is none, and b) saying that being trans is part of a person's medical history cuts the whole "I was always a woman, just in the wrong body" bullshit right off at the knees. It cannot be a part of your medical history just like being a woman isn't a "medical condition", even if it is part of a person's medical history, then it just proves that they are nothing more than a creation of hormones, surgeries, and mental illness.

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The man in this situation was either (1) a virgin /sexually inexperience- in other posts it's mentioned the guy is only 21 (2) under the influence of drugs/alcohol or (3) into TIMs. No way he doesn't realize this person is not a woman.

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"to get it all in" -- ewwww.

My first thought is the entire post is BS.

If a man really did penetrate his fauxgina, then the guy who did so is into TIM. He knows from every part of your body, your smell, the way you walk, your voice, everything -- he knows you're male.

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His entire post history is about raping other dudes.

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Is rape not a specific crime about forcible penetration with a penis (in the UK)? Not matter how awful this is, it's not rape.