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This substack, by a gender critical professional journalist, Julian Vigo, who's been covering the gender lobby, as well as other interesting topics, for years, is well-written and often very informative.

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How it must have galled her to hear other cyclists side with that cheat!

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I seriously am starting to really dislike the female traitors, because their complicity allows the gender lobby to claim that women side with them.

Sadly, when I call politicians, many times the males who answer the phone will listen respectfully, whereas the females, usually very young, will snort and sigh as I talk and end the call with something like, "Well, Representative Jill Bought-And-Sold believes that transwomen are women." CLICK

I want these young women to be forced to watch a parade of autogynephiles in lingerie and their quotes about stealing used tampons to stick up their anus for a week straight and then tell me that TWAW.

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Even if the female traitors got to watch AGPs in their full depravity, they would still refuse to accept or admit to being wrong.

Those females can justify everything AGPs do. It sounds harsh, but even if an AGP were to abuse those females, those females would not wake up from their kool-ad induced stupor.

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I don't know: remember that r/gendercritical had a lot of young women who had been TRAs but then something flicked a switch, so I do think younger women are reachable. It's just they need to reach their trigger points.

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But by then, the damage is done by them... they have already shamed other women for not supporting trans people. Smfh do they repent? Do they apologize? Nope. They need to be held accountable.

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IMO public figures do need to be held accountable, but women, especially younger women who were just repeating the Queer Theory cant they were taught in grade school, high school, university - I'll cut them some slack once they wake up.

Because kids do desperately want to fit in, and the gender lobby has had master propagandists working for years on turning our kids, while we were sleeping ourselves

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many times the males who answer the phone will listen respectfully

They tend to listen respectfully because it appeals to their male supremacist notions that men and women are the way they are because God/nature created them that way and all the liberals and feminazi are getting in the way of God/nature's will.

Men are not your friends. Men do not listen to you because they believe that women deserve equality and that gender roles are bullshit; they listen because they believe that everyone should know their patriarchal place, and if you prod some more, you'll realise they think that radical feminists are just as guilty as liberals for getting in the way of the proper world order.