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possibly making their mental health worse by lying to them

Not just their mental health, their physical health as well. I saw this one transwoman talk about bleeding from the anus and calling it menstruation. If this person dies from what might be colon cancer, everyone who supported this has blood on their hands.

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I think we need more lawsuits: I think we need the 2020 (2021 now) version of the US Scopes Monkey trial to show to the masses just how fucking stupid and unscientific gender ideology is.

The Scopes trial was in the 1920s in the US. A teacher was accused of violating state law by teaching evolution. It was groundbreaking, pitting science against feelings.

Sound familiar?

Most people don't know what's going on with the gender ideology takeover or don't know to what extent it's going on - a direct trial about the reality of biological sex would create a tremendous amount of publicity, alert the public, and uncover and embarress the politicians passing women-hating laws in the dark.

Let's do it. Let's have our Scopes trial.

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Unfortunately they can, with the help of the lawmaker, silence people who disagree with their fetish. That's what at stake today.

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They can get us into legal trouble by pitching a fit and getting a lawyer but that doesn't change reality or change anyone else's opinion. It gets people in trouble but doesn't change anything else. Can't erase ideas with a lawsuit. You can only silence those ideas but that doesn't make it go away.

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"See me as I see myself" is a totally unreasonable demand

This ideology is frightening

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I've noticed that as a trend among them. Have even asked one or two why they care so much what other people think of them. I could give two flips what some rando at the grocery store thinks of me. I got called sir once or twice last week too. So what? I didn't come home and fall apart about it. If you rely that heavily on external validation then you should seek therapy.