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Full offense but I really don't trust you dude. When gender critical feminists say women and men are different, we're talking about biological differences that necessitate sex-based protections. When most conservatives do, they're spouting some bullshit about traditional roles to put women in their place. This is clearly a strange bedfellows moment and we can't take any allies for granted, but at the same time, don't expect to waltz into a gender critical sub and be embraced unless you're, you know, actually critical of gender.

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100%, conservative men can piss right off, they're just as much enemies to women's rights as TRAs are (if they aren't one and the same, anyway).

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Which side is pushing women out of spaces? Which side is promoting paedophilia be legal? Which side is there to silence women and harass them, deplatform women? Which side is allowing women the right to speak contrary to the narratives?

It's time for women to realize, that team just used you. They have had other plans all along while lying to your faces. They want both teams. They've fully infiltrated the left, now they will be headed to the right.