Every. Single. Time. by TarshishJupiter in LGBDropTheT

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Seriously. The condescension health care professionals have for women sometimes, esp when it comes to sex, is infuriating. When I went to my uni's health center for xrays, they asked if there was any chance I was pregnant, and I told them no, I'm celibate. They still made me take a pregnancy test before they'd do anything >_<

Someone posted this link to try to prove that gender identity was inate, but all the genes they found associated with transgenderism just so happen to be the same ones associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder. by Tovasshi in GenderCritical

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you are aware most people here are some form of leftist/progressive, right? that we're gender critical because it ignores women's the sex-based oppression women face?

r/periods got brigaded today. how long till they go the way of r/pcos? by spicyramen in GenderCritical

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Yeah from what I understand theyre making new posts go through mod approval before they're posted, bc the brigading got so bad. Basically anything trying to shit stir gets deleted lol

r/periods got brigaded today. how long till they go the way of r/pcos? by spicyramen in GenderCritical

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Basically a woman wrote a post venting that she wished she could get hormone therapy like a trans woman bc the effects of pcos were so frustrating. The post got brigaded by a bunch of trans subs and admin stepped in, replaced the mods, and basically you cant talk about pcos being a "female" issue anymore bc ofc trans men can get pcos.

Creepy male cousin steeling teen's menstrual pads - but get those pronouns right before you dare raise it by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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this reads as bait to me. but i typically assume 90% of aita is fake anyway

I just got broken up with because my girlfriend decided she is trans. by TarshishJupiter in GenderCritical

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Not gender critical related. But advice my mom gave me when I got dumped by the person I thought I would marry: Every day you endure this pain you're getting better. It doesnt feel that way at first but every day is another step putting distance between you and this painful event. And you WILL get better. Also idk I watched miraculous lady bug but maybe just find some stupid show to numb the pain for 30 minutes at a time. Thats all i got but I hope it helped

Unlikely Ally by SterlingRoark in GenderCritical

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Full offense but I really don't trust you dude. When gender critical feminists say women and men are different, we're talking about biological differences that necessitate sex-based protections. When most conservatives do, they're spouting some bullshit about traditional roles to put women in their place. This is clearly a strange bedfellows moment and we can't take any allies for granted, but at the same time, don't expect to waltz into a gender critical sub and be embraced unless you're, you know, actually critical of gender.

I'm aghast. Two months of identifying as trans is enough to get surgery? by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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it's a long read but there was a really good medium article looking into the pharmaceutical industry's gross part in this: https://medium.com/@sue.donym1984/inauthentic-selves-the-modern-lgbtq-movement-is-run-by-philanthropic-astroturf-and-based-on-junk-d08eb6aa1a4b

More proof that NB is the woke flavor of "I'm not like the other girls" by LasagnaRossa in GenderCritical

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i guess what's kinda annoying to me her comments is that wearing girly clothes made her "dysphoric" like no that's not what dysphoria is babe it's called enjoying more comfortable clothes lol. if you don't feel significant distress at your sexual characteristics you aren't dysphoric you just have a fashion preference.

Wonder if this peaked her? by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I used to belong to fds but a lot of the content was too negative (daily reminders that more than half the male dating pool is pornsick just depressed me lol). But it's fucking sickening that these ahs trolls are systematically destroying every female space left on reddit, which is already exhaustingly chauvinist

This can’t be real, I really hope it’s a joke by letal_22 in LGBDropTheT

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lumping in bi with poly here is enough to make me apoplectic. like isn't one of the most bullshit stereotypes about bi people that they're promiscuous or nonmonogamous?? and this like??? reinforces that shit????

Animemes peaking after "Trap" becomes a banned word by ActualTomboy in GenderCritical

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Don't have a stake in this bc despite being a shameless weeb I've never been a fan of the ecchi fixations of animemes. But like... even if these people think the anime trope of the "trap" is problematic, what good does banning the word do...? It's not going to erase trap characters in anime or change trans representation in anime in any way... It's just preventing people from talking about it

Explanation of non-binary that's not sexist? by bradjohnsonishere2 in GenderCritical

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For some of the nb females I know it seems like they're dysphoric about their female bodily features, but they dont see themselves as men--thus, non binary. More of a physical than an aesthetic issue. But it's definitely true that there are a lot of girls out their calling themselves nb bc theyre "not like other girls"