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So I guess if it is a female prerogative then paying child support can be a male one. Okay, good to know all those guys who don’t pay are off the hook.

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Well shit just signed up here for freedom. Doesn’t matter if it offends, as long as it doesn’t violate the law it should be allowed. Oh well...

Was it not the Liberals/Leftists that accused Conservatives of wanting to do this to people? by calmbluejay in Conservatives

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I agree but now with their redefining terms, liberalism has been equated to Marxism. And wtf did my iPad automatically capitalize marxism....

Unlikely Ally by SterlingRoark in GenderCritical

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Well it is still on the DSM 6 or whatever number they are on. Was gender dysmorphia now gender dysphoria. I guess dysmorphia sounds too harsh? Although no one would argue that an eating disorder should be embraced. Well most people wouldn’t.

Unlikely Ally by SterlingRoark in GenderCritical

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I think there is no treatment other than the sex change, but that obviously doesn’t make these people feel whole. I believe last statistic I saw trans suicides were 40%. During the Holocaust Jews had a suicide rate of 32% and they were actively being seeded out and killed. I understand the stigma trans get, but I would argue most people do not want to kill all of them. We would just prefer they stay off women’s sports teams, locker rooms, and stop taking away accomplishments from real women. But I will get labeled a bigot for this, and I am sure lots of you all have been so too.

Unlikely Ally by SterlingRoark in GenderCritical

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I appreciate the time you put into this. So without arguing with you, because let’s be honest, we won’t change each others minds, I will just say there are some areas in there that I do not agree with. I would never count a miscarriage as an abortion. I think most reasonable people wouldn’t, and obviously I am not referring to rape/incest. Maybe I should have been a little clearer, I don’t like people using it as birth control. But anyways, I am not a politician, so my personal thoughts won’t effect you unless somehow a candidate with the same exact views as me gets elected. Until then the current laws/debate is not a result of my personal opinions. Anyways I do want to reiterate I appreciate your well thought out response and you make several good points.

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Trying both now, I have no opinion 😑

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Sure I will since you asked and I will address some others here. So I am going to assume I have a different opinion on abortion. That being said, I don’t think anyone can be against it and not be for abolishing adoption fees and doing some kind of distribution of protection/education. I hate that many of my friends expect their girlfriend/wife to use birth control because they are too lazy to wear a condom. This is unfortunately the view of many of the younger generation. As someone who spent many years trying to have a child with my wife, I have become educated on the dangers birth control can cause. No reason for a woman’s reproductive future to be jeopardized because some lazy guy didn’t want to wear a condom. But anyways that is enough of that. I believe in the free market, not the artificial one created by the fed with their phony manipulation. I believe in people working for why they get and getting rewarded. I despise crony capitalism, and bailouts. Hated it when Bush did it and hated when Obama continued it. I say let them fail. Most social issues I really don’t concern myself with. I pretty much want to live my life with my wife and two cats and enjoy the little time we have together. Also not religious. I have my beliefs but try to keep them out of politics, all my opinions are formed on other factors, or life experiences I have had.

I agree politics has shifted tremendously and it’s too bad. JFK would be considered a Republican by today’s standards. Now I know that me saying opposite sides is me making a generalization, and I am sorry if I lumped some of you on this. Just like you all have assumptions about me based on your life experience, I do as well. My sister in law is a feminist, not sure what definition she would use, and she is my favorite person in my extended family. When we put politics aside we have quite a bit in common.

Als before I forget, I am against trans ideology because of the biological differences. This isn’t a religious issue with me, there is no denying the differences and to do so discredits everything people go through. Also it is extremely unfair in sports. Had I been a parent I would not want my daughter to have to compete against a man, shower with a man etc. no hormones alter the muscular skeletal structure, and obviously having a penis means bad things as well. I also am consistent where I wouldn’t want to compete against a ‘man’ who is full of testosterone and estrogen suppressors when me, as a man, can’t use those. Actually banned in many male sports.

I don’t know what the solution is but to eliminate sex is ridiculous . And yes, sex and gender are two separate things not always linked. I knew lots of Tom boys when I was a kid who are still women now, and didn’t want to be a man. Same with the reverse. Liberals will say we can all do whatever we want, but now if you do something not associated with your sex the first thought they have is you may be trans.

But again, this is just my opinion. Also thanks for all the reply’s, it is nice for me to learn more about this from a woman’s perspective having to share bathrooms, sports teams, etc with men, and blindly comply.