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I recently read this on twitter and it is on point: "If you are able to deplatform, censor, dox, assault, cause job and career loss, issue rape, torture and death threats to someone who disagrees with you - all without consequence - YOU ARE NOT OPPRESSED!"

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Right there with you. I'm trying to get the hang of Spinster, but I left Twitter for a reason and enjoy this style of format more.

Time to rebuild. They forget that women are resourceful. They also know, deep down, that the reason they have to resort to slogans and cult-like chanting and supressing is because their beliefs are built on lies.

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They're mainly relying on misleading people into thinking that their views are the majority-held when in fact they're pushing an ideology and punishing/silencing people who don't convert. I saw on the DM a statement by the new Stonewall leader that she's going to take a step back from making everyone agree to their view on gender (which the previous head of Stonewall was doing) after the UK public gave them a heck no.

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Trangenderism is misogyny