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You are defending the obviously one sided rules.

It’s an insult to call a trans woman a man. Every time no exceptions. Allowing it while not allowing language GC takes exception to means this isn’t even pretending to be a balanced space.

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So you double down on your insistence that man is an insult, without any explanation of why it’s an insult beyond ‘I hate it and it just is’ instead of acknowledging you have some major personal bias about what the word means.

Again, I’m not making the rules. If you find them unfair bring it up with the mods and argue your case. I’d suggest arguing it more than ‘it’s an insult and you know it and lie when you say you don’t know it’.

You are free to choose to receive it as an insult but that’s not how it’s intended. It does not mean to us what it means to you.

Is the defending the rules the part where I’m hoisting myself onto a cross? You didn’t answer that bit

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Play dumb if you want, but we both know you only want to be able to call trans women men because you enjoy hurting us and don’t want any repercussions.

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Mkay. You’re clearly insistent on projecting still. Bye.