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Thanks for dropping by. We are trying to rebuild the space here although obviously it is much smaller now . It shows exactly how intolerant transactivists are that even polite questioning of their ideas is considered hateful and it is amazing and sad to me that they have got a major site to go along with them on this (several actually since at least Twitter also bans people who disagree with TRAs for minor infractions all the time).

I also liked that people did change their minds. Trans activists and feminists both got a better idea of one another's everyday lives. There were even some video debates. I think if Reddit hadn't banned the sub, it would've reached new popularity as a rare spot where these views could interact.

I think this is a good point. I don't think many people "changed sides" like if you were GC you probably weren't going to become QT or vice-versa but we did learn a lot from the people we were debating I think. I personally grew to understand what dysphoria is a lot better and stopped thinking of trans people as the same of GNC people which I used to believe when I came to the debate sub. TRAs are always telling us to actually talk to trans people and educate ourselves and now they've taken away one of my only ways to actually do that. I do not think a sub that actually promoted hate would allow for this kind of learning about the other side or that actually hateful people would be interested in doing that or questioning their own views.

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I'm still mourning the loss of the sub, but good riddance to Reddit at this point. They can make us move, but they can't erase us. We're still out here.

Activists can't continue on this path forever. Things are already starting to crack in the UK. People everywhere are getting fed up with cancel culture.

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I actually stopped posting on Reddit. The very fact that Red Pill, Pussy Pass, MGTOW, maledom and other women hating subs are still up there speaks volumes. Gendercynical makes me mad too with their gloating.

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I'm still there for r/detrans, r/antikink, and r/antipornography. I want to still support the people in those communities. Although once they're gone, I'm out for good.

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Are you more traditional essential ist? Or feminist essentialist?

I too miss the old sub. Its a loss. Maybe I just believe in difficult conversations.

I feel like I'd like a history of the subreddit. A list of the events. I miss some of the comments I made.

We also need flairs here. I think there is an option to turn them on.

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If ppl with different beliefs lose places that allow them to confront their opinions, free speech disappears and learning from others' point of views is crucial imo

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The long term consequences for their black-outs regarding certain discussions will harm the trans folk in the long run. I know the younger transwomen seem to think they're invincible, but they're not. It's easy to think you'll be healthy and young forever when you're in your 20s.

For example, if a TW decides to go by self-ID only... that WILL have a negative impact on her physician's ability to treat medical conditions. There are a LOT of diseases, including COVID, that attack men in a more virulent and pervasive manner than women. This has nothing to do with hormones themselves....This has to do with genetic sex, not one's identifying gender. Prostate cancer, for example, is a NASTY way to go. If you self ID as a woman, how will the doctor be able to examine you adequately?

Hormone replacement or hormonal treatment, regardless of why it's being used, can be problematic for people to say the least. There has been so little research in it as medicine has historically ignored women's health issues and treatments as compared to men. TBH women ON hormone replacement therapy and BCP seem to have more health problems than those who aren't. All forms of BCP and hormone treatment messed me up, caused weight gain, gave me weird emotional swings-- same with steroids. I remember when my mother was forced to go off estrogen because it was considered to be carcinogenic. Many women develop cancer from synthetic hormone treatments, and this is often based on genetic predispositions/mutations. Some cancers thrive in estrogen.

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Thank you. I really miss that sub and actually had lots of good conversations there. I don't think the gencyn crowd understand that a lot of people actually enjlyed the conversations that went on in there and there was actually trans people that posted there! Like how condescending can you get? People have the right to talk about thinks you disagree with. I am glad we are rebuilding here.