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Bryan Lunduke shares his content here where it can be downloaded easier than on YouTube.

LBRY is a free, open, and community-run digital marketplace.

Build the future of content freedom.

" What if anyone in the world could publish a piece of digital content, anyone else in the world could access it, for free or for payment, and that entire system worked end-to-end without any centralized authority or point of control? "

Use LBRY on your preferred platform: - Do you have ideas for new features? Do you want to play around with the code for LBRY? - Do you have an awesome idea that could use some help? Want to connect with like-minded users?

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Cool platform, definitely going to be using this. As for downloading, you can also download from Youtube easily using youtube-dl or youtube-dl gui.

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I use DLG. It's the best I know of though I have a short wish list of improvements I'd love to see.

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youtube-dl is extremely convenient for me, perhaps even the most convenient download method I have seen! It only needs a couple small commands rather than many clicks, after all.