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I believe that there is a particular level of critical thinking that is required, however what the school system has become doesn't allow for the time nor energy to put into this, as testing has become the focus.

These people who think more with emotion have grown up doing exactly the same thing they're doing now, and it's worked for them, otherwise they would have to adapt.

Think about participation trophies, the kids that get benched still get a trophy. That teaches them that even if they try, it's a good job. Extrapolate that to politics, and it's not so bewildering that we're at where we are.

Think about anonymity, where you have few if any consequences for what you do. Get banned? Make a new account, "haha, I that looser can't keep me out!" Then they go post this biased post about what happens and here comes the echo chamber to validate your feelings. Reinforcing this victimization is really negative when you think about it - who would honestly want a bunch of Buster Bluths?

One thing you'll notice that I harp on is that I see a lack of personal accountability. There's a fuck up, blame someone down the chain. Policies you've passed encourages police to abuse citizens? "There's a few bad apples, we'll take care of it, promise." Or how about Iran-Contra? "I cannot recall."

All public servants should report to us, but during congressional hearings they keep secret as much as they can behind closed doors. I take this as a fuck you, because we are the ones that generate wealth that allow them to be employed as public servants, and they should be beholden to our wants, not their special interests.