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Because we went to a lot of trouble to make dogs loyal, loving, intelligent, protective, friendly, defensive and useful. We worked to make them partners and friends who would stick by us through everything and helped us transition from nomadic to agrarian by allowing us to better control, herd and capture stock and cattle. In the end, you can eat just about everything on the planet, but out of love and respect for them and what they mean to us, we raise dogs up and consider them special, and if you've ever had one and bonded with one, you'd almost instinctively understand why someone would make that law even though, on the surface, meat is meat and beasts are beasts.

It's an emotional law rather than a strictly logical one, but that's not always unreasonable. There's a reason we have jury trials as well as judge trials - sometimes an emotional responses is the right one.

Meanwhile, there are places you can eat dog if you'd really like.

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No good reason. I personally think we could take care of the starving children problem AND the stay dog problem at the same time.

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    Korea made it illegal recently. So now the dog farmers are just gonna kill all their dogs I guess.

    I'm not particularly keen on eating dog but it seems stupid to ban it. Meat is meat.