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There are a few different sprays and foams against hairloss that help some men (minoxidil for example). I had to use one for a while because my hair was falling out from stress years ago and it helped a lot.

There are also pills but they can mess with hormones so you will need to go to a doctor first and have you checked out if thats something you can use.

So go to a doctor or pharmacy they should give you more info

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Some say it is genetic fate. I think nutrition and overall health plays a pretty big role as well. I was rapidly balding in my late twenties after I slid into an unhealthy routine. When I snapped out of my self pity and started back lifting and punching I began supplementing. My hair started to thicken and has been growing like crab grass ever since.

Problem is I started taking a variety of supplements so I could only guess which one or ones in combo contributed to the rejuvenation.

Staying healthy and fit has myriad benefits and is the ultimate prophylaxis against most ills. Plus if you are going to end up with head shine it works better on a fit form.

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    Pretty sure that would make you go bald faster.

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    that is fucking disgusting. what in the sam fuck is wrong with you boy? was you growed up around retards? go get a book and try going to scool.

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    holy dammed batshit! twenty times per day? oh yeah, that will fix bald syndrome, for dammed sure.

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    That would probably make it much worse due to exhaustion.

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    Have less testosterone.

    If you don't want to mess around with that then you'll have to get plugs.

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    Pretty sure I'd rather have a cue-ball than go on finasteride.

    I'd be fine with plugs. Pretty sure that's what Elon Musk got.

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    wear caps to bed, not kidding

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    You don't. You accept that it's genetic, shave and move on. You look fine.

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    You're fucked, choose a new hairstyle and live it

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    Awesome clip. Thanks for using yewtube btw.

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    Actually those seem like the opposite of the guys I'd want to ask.

    (just a joke)

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    On r/Tressless they talk about using Finasteride(Propecia) or topical Minoxidil(Rogaine) quite a bit.

    The first blocks the (over)production of the Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which causes thinning hair. It is said to induce lipid accumulation in the liver(leading to fatty liver) though.

    The second is a vasodilator that is speculated to improve blood flow to hair follicles and thus stimulate hair growth. I have heard that the existing hair on treated areas will shed before it regrows in again(thicker) though.

    The second seems to be considerably less risky to use. The cosmetic surgery route is also an option.