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They can force you by threatening to fire you, I don't care about "going with the flow". I want to keep my job so I can make money.

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We all draw lines at different places. At what point would you say no? What line is too much for them to cross in their experimentation on you?

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This is true, but it's very dependant on context. I've been struggling to find employment for a while now, getting this job has alleviated a lot of issues for me. It boils down to money. I need it to survive, and I'm not talking about buying luxuries. It's fucked up if companies begin to threaten us with unemployment for not taking this jab but what happens when all of them start doing the same thing? What I'm really asking is, has your job told you to take the vaccine, have you refused it and how did you do it without getting fired?

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Understood, friend. This rollout of stage 1 of "the mark of the beast" is horrible all around. Don't worry, you're good for asking. :) But I wouldn't be me if I didn't remind people to resist it. Find a medical exemption and a doctor who isn't a NWO cuck if need be who will grant you the medical exemption. Employers doing this should all be destroyed out of existence but I digress. Employers can't technically violate your medical history (for now) yet so you can still fake it at the very least. Whatever you do, don't think that your entire life depends on what they say, because in the Darwinian accelerationism of it all, those who have the will will resist at all costs.

May I ask, would it be hard for you to seek a new job and/or move to a location that isn't obedient to globalist cucked scum?

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May I ask, would it be hard for you to seek a new job and/or move to a location that isn't obedient to globalist cucked scum?

I've tried applying to more local places but I couldn't really catch on to anything. The job I'm currently working is pretty awful, odd hours and shit pay. They can afford to threaten me with unemployment if the vaccine becomes necessary because I'm replaceable. My plan is to keep applying to local/smaller companies, until then this job will tie me over. In the grand scheme things I'd like to establish sources of passive income so that I won't have to rely on jobs like these. When I accepted the job contract I was immediately sent a message telling me I was eligible for a covid pass to prove that I was vaccinated. Things aren't looking good man. I just hope I find a better job before the end of this year.

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Do whatever it takes to reject their poison. You will never regret taking action sooner (rather than later) to do the right thing. You will never regret not submitting to the NWO's evil offers and keeping your body and health more pure. I'm on your side. Others are too. Check in with updates as they come.