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My boss knows I'll quit so he doesn't ask me lol.

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No one can "make" you take the "vaccine", short of holding you down and forcefully injecting you or pointing guns to your family's heads.

Only a fucking normie retard would just "go with the flow" and submit to NWO poison.


Break the mental conditioning.

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If push came to shove I'd nothesitate to forge myself a vaccine certificate (yeah they issue it when you take it. Not yet, but knowing my country and govt they will start checking it even for taking a shit)

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  1. They want the tracking system and vaccine registry to be tied to your identity (-> cards, license, state ID, etc.).
  2. They will alter HIPAA-style laws to allow these forms of "background/vaccine" checks in the name of the public good because it isn't directly about your medical history (even though it is).
  3. Vaccine status for XYZ, your ID scanned and lookedup, computer returns: A. pass/yes, B. exemption. F. no. ...or just A. pass/yes/exemption or F. no/fail
  4. Like with no-fly lists and background check registries, NWO deep state players are putting their political enemies on to these lists.
  5. People are getting dropped from banks, travel, and having rights passively taken away (like guns).
  6. To make matters worse, elites can use these same registry systems to exempt themselves. It is easy to predict the day elites exempt themselves from the next "vax" down the road once the system is in place. They will show up has "A. passed" in the system.
  7. Here's the best part. These are the same people who gaslight you by saying being required to have proof of citizenship to vote in an election (to literally affect laws in "democracy") is "too much of a burden" or "white supremacist", just like having borders.

Scum of the earth nation wreckers.

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I've also considered this as vacccine "passes" seems to be a thing that's going to happen. When I used to go on the darknet markets, I could always find vendors that made fake passports. I'm wondering if they'd start making these. This would be good if somebody was on the front door for example, and they asked for proof of vaccination. But if you need to submit it into something like work I reckon we wouldn't get away with it. We both kind of live in a similar country, in the sense that they are both overbearing cunts. The policies that politicians are advocating for are worrying me right now.

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Forging the vax cards is not the problem. They're just a card you can print out maybe 30 to a sheet like a standard business card. The lot numbers, time, and location are not so easy. If you've got a buddy who went and got the J&J, and they live in your area, see if you can't copy those numbers. Many of those mass vaccination events are pretty sloppy. Tons of no shows, computer systems verifying a person showed up to get their vax crash, etc, etc.

Of course if you've got family members who had covid pretty bad, or died from it, pretty good odds you have the keyhole vulnerability this virus needs to turn your insides to mush. And playing this game will get you killed. ;) Getting the single shot J&J jab might be the way to go. But, far be it from me to tell someone they can't piss on the third rail, or stick their dick in the hornets nest. :D

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Forging the vax cards is not the problem. They're just a card you can print out maybe 30 to a sheet like a standard business card.

Right but for now I think something like that would get you by. I agree that once covid passes become a thing there's gonna be a problem.

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They can force you by threatening to fire you, I don't care about "going with the flow". I want to keep my job so I can make money.

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We all draw lines at different places. At what point would you say no? What line is too much for them to cross in their experimentation on you?

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This is true, but it's very dependant on context. I've been struggling to find employment for a while now, getting this job has alleviated a lot of issues for me. It boils down to money. I need it to survive, and I'm not talking about buying luxuries. It's fucked up if companies begin to threaten us with unemployment for not taking this jab but what happens when all of them start doing the same thing? What I'm really asking is, has your job told you to take the vaccine, have you refused it and how did you do it without getting fired?

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Understood, friend. This rollout of stage 1 of "the mark of the beast" is horrible all around. Don't worry, you're good for asking. :) But I wouldn't be me if I didn't remind people to resist it. Find a medical exemption and a doctor who isn't a NWO cuck if need be who will grant you the medical exemption. Employers doing this should all be destroyed out of existence but I digress. Employers can't technically violate your medical history (for now) yet so you can still fake it at the very least. Whatever you do, don't think that your entire life depends on what they say, because in the Darwinian accelerationism of it all, those who have the will will resist at all costs.

May I ask, would it be hard for you to seek a new job and/or move to a location that isn't obedient to globalist cucked scum?

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May I ask, would it be hard for you to seek a new job and/or move to a location that isn't obedient to globalist cucked scum?

I've tried applying to more local places but I couldn't really catch on to anything. The job I'm currently working is pretty awful, odd hours and shit pay. They can afford to threaten me with unemployment if the vaccine becomes necessary because I'm replaceable. My plan is to keep applying to local/smaller companies, until then this job will tie me over. In the grand scheme things I'd like to establish sources of passive income so that I won't have to rely on jobs like these. When I accepted the job contract I was immediately sent a message telling me I was eligible for a covid pass to prove that I was vaccinated. Things aren't looking good man. I just hope I find a better job before the end of this year.

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Do whatever it takes to reject their poison. You will never regret taking action sooner (rather than later) to do the right thing. You will never regret not submitting to the NWO's evil offers and keeping your body and health more pure. I'm on your side. Others are too. Check in with updates as they come.

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    I'll take excommunication along with millions of others who preserve themselves. Sounds like fun. Sounds like a good rebel group to band together while time exists. There's time to regroup, live off the land, and engage in information warfare. Strategically, healthy modes of living must be taken advantage of at an accelerating pace, before the circle closes in, recognizing they have not yet won the war. The NWO wants normies to think it's over and impossible because there's no easier way to defeat a nation than to make them hopeless and watch them herd themselves into line.

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    There are greater worst case scenarios though. Like forcefully taking your kids. Like throwing you into prisons or reeducation camps if you're lucky. Like confiscating your land. Like total economic punishment stripping you of your means of production and banking exchange. Like turning your kids and family against you. Like their being complicit as family is raped/murdered by foreigners and then they persecute you if you defend yourself.

    That is the future the New World Order envisions. They literally want to bring that on normies who would reject their "megacity" herding zones. Know that I am not being hyperbolic. It's an understatement.

    Reiterating: withdrawing from their easy spider web sooner rather than later is the first step.

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    It's an eventual death shot. There's not much worse than that.

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    The guy I was replying to said something like the worse case scenario was more employers doing it. Can't remember what he said. Not sure why he deleted it.

    This shot is just the icing on their cake. They'd be playing out this control plan even if it was safe, because it gives them massive power and the ability to tell everyone what to inject in the future (stuff worse than this "vax") at the threat of total banishment from civilization.

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    I had to get a flu shot every year at my work, I was IT for scientific games and always got the shot on my lunch break.

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    I did for school

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    The COVID vaccine? They said you had to?

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    Technically not yet, but they will after this summer.

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    Damn. Be careful, it's in your right to reject it. They might make it sound like there isn't a choice but don't be afraid in challenging it.

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    Actually no, first off I'm not 18 so can't make that choice, but even if I was, and refused it, I would be kicked from school which is unacceptable

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    Drop out and live. You can do correspondence or go to another school.

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    If you have to get one of em, get the J&J, a relatively tame adenovirus system they've had since the 90s for cancer immunotherapies. Doing the Pfizer one, the first shot you feel kind of shitty for a day or so, the second one can be a serious serious kick in the ass. 3 day gin hangover bad. But if you're living in an area with a high population density, its the way to go. The Moderna variety, I dunno, its slow to act, and like a cheap copy of the Pfizer variant. Supposed to be more shelf stable.

    Now in my case, several family members have gotten pretty seriously sick with covid(like the double dragon bad, but not in the ICU), and at least one died(who had a number of other illness, was old as passed 2 days after diagnosis). Most of those infected were working in frontline nursing care. I've had a few minor brushes with it, well the first one march 2020 was just feeling dizzy/shitty for a week, the second one this December triggered an insane immune response, blood pressure spiked to about 230/120 for 3 weeks, bunch of vascular blowouts, fun stuff! So, I was not up for tangling with round number 3. :D

    But, if you've got a pretty extensive family, and nobody has had as much as a sniffle in spite of being in the hot zones, you're pretty safe to play chicken with the virus.

    On the other hand, if you've got dozens of family who've ended up in the ICU, and/or have died from it, this might not be the occasion to get adventurous.

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    I also like the adenovirus technology because it is older. spike protein is still a pathogen. in my case I got tinnitus after the shot which hasn't gone away in a few weeks. doctor thinks spike proteins inflamed tissues in my inner ear in both ears and he wants to try steroids soon if it doesn't go away. novavax might be your best bet if you can wait long enough for it because its technology is older still and it doesn't seem to force your body to manufacture spike proteins.

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    I'm not too worried about the vax. Technically I was supposed to drop dead from impending organ failure in about 6-9 months. But that was 10 years ago. lol! Yeah, not a good idea to work around curing fiber resin sometimes. But you usually don't find out you lack the key enzymes until you black out, turn funny colors, or other issues.

    Oh well, no seeming long term consequences, except I can't really drink more than 3-4 shots of liquor in one sitting without getting pretty sick.

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    I know it's mandatory for one of our local hospitals where I see my cardiologist.

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    I work a job where I come into contact with lots of people. I'm hoping the company doesn't make it mandatory. You have a right not to take the vaccine but they can also fire you for any reason, so I reckon that could be the issue.

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    If they do make it mandatory, here's the pdf for the vaccine card:

    It's printed on heavy card stock and I can show you how it's supposed to be filled out if you have the need.

    I'm vaccinated, but I think it's important people be allowed to opt out. I don't mind being a guinea pig but god forbid something goes very wrong and we need y'all to repopulate.

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    Wow, thank you for referring me to the card that's used and what it's printed on. I would have done this if I were in the same country, unfortunately I think my country uses a different layout. I'm gonna have to find someone that has it. But seriously thank you.

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    Ah sorry, I didn't think about that.

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    Unfortunately I had the first jab, the Pfizer jab. They really force home the “do it for your elderly relatives” shtick. I am not proud of myself but sometimes in this life you have to swallow your pride(not the rainbow version).

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    I don't see what pride has to do with it. It's a matter of being a sheep or not. You either trust authority and blindly follow their orders or not. There is beyond enough evidence that this vaccine is not something anyone should be taking, so literally no one who isn't blindly trusting authority has any reason to take it. But if you are a sheep there is literally no reason not to take it. You are told it is safe. You are told a dozen different ways that you must take it. No where in any of those equations is pride a factor.

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    Well I haven’t sprouted any extra nipples yet fingers crossed. I understand what you mean but let’s be real, there are so many other convenient ways the establishment could poison me, hell I have been drinking fluoridated water since I was born and being sprayed on for almost the same time. I did it for family members.

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    there are so many other convenient ways the establishment could poison me

    We have no way to ever know for sure what their motivation are, but we can make an educated guess. Genocides have happened hundreds of times throughout history so a lot of people are rightfully warry given the evidence (people in power advocating pop. reduction, media pushing over pop theories, vaccines having been used to sterilize already, etc.). But genocide is NOT the only thing to be warry of here.

    mRNA vaccines aren't a new invention, they have been developed and tested and never made it to market because the testing always failed, in horrific ways. Literally all the test animals that were reintroduced to the virus at the last stage of one experiment died. ALL OF THEM. There is absolutely zero reason to think that a similar effect won't happen in humans. You are literally the test for that.

    You just hand waved that last sentence away as "well fine, I'm ok with being a test subject". How do you think I know that? Because as hard as it is to believe those aren't your original thoughts. There are ways to get people to reach exactly the belief or conclusion you want by telling them stories without ever directly feeding them that conclusion. This idea that you are ok with being a test subject despite never ever in your life having had been a part of an experimental treatment before is nether logical or unique to you.

    People don't go from not ever taking that kind of risk to jumping in the deep end with a vaccine that has been tested before and resulted in the deaths of ALL THE TEST SUBJECTS.

    On top of that there are thousands of examples of pharmaceutical companies putting out medication and treatments that they knew were harmful, only exposed decades later by class action lawsuits. There are thousands of examples of governments performing horrific experiments on the populace. There are thousands of examples of governments corruptly working hand in hand with giant corporations for profit. Is this an example of that? Lets examine some facts:

    1. The pharmaceutical companies have been granted total immunity from prosecution for KNOWINGLY CAUSING HARM. This is not a protection afforded to any other entity.

    2. Trillions of dollars have been created out of thin air by this government in response to this pandemic. Literally TRILLIONS. Hundreds of billions are going directly to the pharmaceutical companies. Billions more to others in power enforcing covid rules and lockdowns. Justifying their trillions in profit with propaganda and fear mongering.

    3. Officially the virus has never been isolated. Meaning they can not produce it in a lab. An intelligent person would question if it even exists. But even for someone like you this should be a concern because it makes it impossible to create a traditional vaccine. None of the vaccines target covid, they target "a part of covid". That means it is teaching your body to destroy everything that resembles covid in a superficial way. At best this is like hitting a nail with a jackhammer. You are going to cause a lot of damage to the surrounding structure. But why would they care when they have immunity, especially when trillions of dollars hang in the balance.

    4. The government is not accurately reporting covid cases or covid deaths. There hare dozens of examples of this including people with cancer, in hospice, expected to die any minute are counted as covid deaths. They count everything as a covid death. This is not normal or logical. This belief the sheep have that it makes sense because covid made them weaker so in a way it killed them is just another example of brainwashed obedience. Never in the history of medicine did we put down the cause of death a secondary infection. Never. This is blatant fraud. And if you ever listened to anything besides corporate media you would know it is wide spread. Some hospitals going as far as putting down deaths as covid deaths without even a positive test.

    5. The PCR test has been testified to be an untrustworthy test for this by literally the creator himself. It is shown to have a 100% false positive result if you run it long enough. They run it 40x to test for covid in unvaxed people and 20x to test vaccinated people. This is blatant fraud. This is the official government policy. It is clearly intended to hide the ineffectiveness of the vaccine, or hide the fact that no matter what that PCR test will show thousands of covid positive results at 40x; whether it is there or not.

    6. The government has literally banned the use of HCQ as a treatment without showing proof that it does not work. If the pandemic were real they would be spending those trillions on wide spread testing of HCQ, and would never, ever ban the use of an approved medicine, proven for decades to be safe.

    There is more, but if this doesn't prove that the government and pharma companies are working together to create trillions of dollars and enrich themselves then there is no hope for you.

    The right thing to do here is weigh these facts. To consider if you want to believe these people when they scare you, or deduce for yourself how deadly this virus actually is. For reference the total deaths in 2020 were lower than the total deaths in 2019. So this would be the first pandemic in history with a negative death toll. how many people do you think were really saved by staying home? Most deaths don't happen because people travel, most deaths happen at home. So the true covid death toll is clearly far less than the official claim, and the official claim is tiny.

    Does that threat justify taking a very risky treatment that, which if it doesn't kill you or give you chronic illnesses right away may make you more susceptible to viruses or other diseases? The increased risck of cancer is almost certain, which is great for pharmaceutical companies, but does that eventual cancer really make you better off than the risk of covid now?

    To any person willing to thing for themselves this is a no brainer. Only people who literally refuse to think for themselves because the media told them that questioning "science", "doctors" or authority of any kind is stupid are going along with this. That is what a sheep is. That is not a meaningless insult, it is a descriptor that pinpoints exactly what the difference is that makes a person go one way or the other.

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    You did it to appease them. Not to keep them safe.

    Your reasoning for why it isn't poison is really bad, and you know it.

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    This is more than that. This is a system of control the New World Order has been planning for decades to have total control over people in a civilization. They even predicatively programmed this with Rockefeller's Operation Lockstep ten years ago, Rothschild/Zion mainstream media, and Event 201 open "wargaming", because normalizing their course of action openly is more effective than doing it spontaneously, much like their publications Axios are constantly putting out planned / predictive programming reports to normalize whatever course of actions their NWO masters want (e.g. massive fraud in swing states in the AM hours of election night if it's clear their dog isn't winning). Masses of normie dipshits who call themselves "leftist" went from distrusting globalist and transnational corps into being their lap dogs.

    If I had something more genetically-stunting and poisonous than this Stage 1 to introduce to the public, call it Stage 2 "The Culling" and beyond, how would I pull this off?

    Simple. First I would need the system of control/pressure in place. I would need "vaccine" passports and a society structured around total pressure to follow the narratives and gaslighting mainstream headlines paint. I would need normies to think that the people opposing this are life-and-death threatening humanity/planet, to the point where they deserve to have their kids taken away and be removed from society. I would need people eager to line up to the gates themselves, which turns out to be very easy through that mix of total negative pressure, positive reinforcement, positive rewards (dog treats as simple as a Krispy Kreme donut or fries works), and seeing that their heroes in media (sports stars, Hollywood airheads, the rich and famous) are eager to cut in line which compels a sense of envy. Once the NWO's control system is in place, you can not only introduce worse things to inject but also completely restructure society using the same pressure system with high acceleration: one world government, confiscating land, white genocide, loss of food futures, loss of medical futures, giving up basic rights (speech, guns, property) and your life and liberty belongs to these central planners in the name of virtue. Because you're "saving the planet" and "saving humanity from nazis" and other jokes. This isn't an understatement of what they're doing. NWO elites want the literal mix of sci-fi dystopia novels. Seizing their opportunity to drum up hysteria and misleading information over covid to introduce "vaccine passports" is a big part of getting there.

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    That's not even a reasonable comparison.

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    It's good of you to admit it. Some people wake up from the matrix to find they were normies in the middle of a war.

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    It's not the first one that's the problem, it's the second one that kicks you in the ass. :D

    But, the good news is, if you really don't want to do the second one, you can probably find someone you know who had their first or second jab around the same time as yours would have been due. Anywhere from 3 to 7 weeks later is fine. Get the lot number, location, and date. Indications are there might be as high as 40% from a vaccination event who are not properly recorded(or just plain lost) in the system, especially if its for the second jab only.

    However, if one or more people in your family have actually died from it, or ended up pretty badly messed up, make sure you've got about 4 days off for the second jab.

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    If I am given one, I would rather give it to Israel. The Jews need it more.

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    They've had all theirs. But oddly enough, their neighbors can't seem to find the supplies. :D

    They did Pfizer injections about a month to six weeks apart.

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    Actually a fair number of Israelis are rejecting the vaccine, so their vaccination rate is flattening. This is in contrast to moronic white countries like Canada and the UK.

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    My mum had to, she works in the hospital though. And there's a rumor if you don't get the vaccine while working in the hospital, you have to give covid tests to the hospital at your own expense or get vaccinated, very democratic. Btw she was forced to get vaccinated (they were told there was going to be a choice, uhuh they forced them anyway).

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    All the schools here in Colorado are requiring it to enroll in classes next semester. Crazy to think access to higher education is going to be dependent on a mandatory medical procedure. Anyone who wants to compare this shot to other vaccines is just being silly at this point. Luckily I graduated last semester so dodged that bullet. The Mrs. is a Dr. who works around tons of people but has not been forced to take the shot yet either. Her work has offered "Free vaccinations", and the announcement they sent out for the event sounded more like they were telling people to get it and not asking, but she just denied it and has not heard anything since. Passports are for sure coming, that seems to obvious. I think international travel will also be off the board completely for the unvaccinated, as it already is in most countries. It will take time for the to tighten the noose but it is slowly tightening. The silver lining is, at least in my opinion, is if you can keep working to pull yourself out of the tangles of society, become more self sufficient, etc.,etc., then at a certain point there is really nothing they can take from you. I don't think this is going to come to a door-to-door campaign, I think this is more of a cast a wider and wider net to keep getting people to take the shot kind of strategy. If you can keep removing yourself and becoming more self reliant, building that community, finding like minded people, etc., then when the day comes that you have to show your papers to the scanner that opens the automatic doors to the grocery store to get in to buy food, you can still survive. Because that's ultimately what it's going to come to. First it will be travel, then school, then jobs, then x,y,z, till eventually you can't get food or water without having your passport. Don't panic but get prepared.

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    I am ahobby chemist. So what do think?

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    I'm a freelancer in the New York City market, and every time I get a new job, about twice a week, they require a COVID 19 test. The Rapid PCR to be exact. I did not have to take a COVID test once because I have had the vaccine. Otherwise a vaccine means nothing to them. Masks all day, blah blah blah. They do pay for it though. I tell them. "My insurance paid for my Vaccine they will not pay for testing twice a week.

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    No, I took it because I wanted to.

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    not for work but as requirement for living at group home without mask and doing regular activities there.