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It's quite simple, idiocracy has arrived. Almost everyone is now a moron incapable of understanding anything.

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So I waited too late then to post theories? I had some good theories of Breath of The Wild 2 using the Ocarina of Time again in a revamped effort but now there is no where to post them anybody would actually read. I have tried in Zelda Dungeon forums and got crickets in response.

Game FAQS gives you spammy replies of people just saying 'Thanks' or Hi or stupid shit which I doubt they are even real people. I wonder how much bots HAVE taken over compared to even 4 years ago when it was starting to get worse?

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I don't play games, so I don't know about this. But generally posting anything of substance is a waste of time these days.

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Do you think it will ever change and where is a good place to go to post anything of substance of value? It feels like we are in a fucking alternate universe!

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Based on western history, I would expect it to change in about 1000 years.

You can try posting things of substance in my sub /s/nonmorons or in the Mennonite forum. Anything that is part of modern culture is a lost cause.

We aren't in an alternate universe. We are in the beginning of a dark age of which there have been many in history.

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This question has to be asked: is your 'theory' stupid? Because, if it is, then you'll get laughed at and then forgotten.

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Newsflash: people read headlines and not articles.

If you have something important to say, shoehorn it into the 300 characters allowed in the headline.

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Often times though it cannot be done that way or it ruins what a good theory making it more of an insult.

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Keep in mind that you're posting to the fourth generation (at least) that's been dumbed down and made brain-dead by our Socialist/Communist/Brainwashing/Programming/Indoctrination Centers euphemistically called "Public Schools" so don't expect too much from the majority of what are, essentially walking carrots. Consider yourself lucky if you get a response from people that somehow, vaguely approaches the topic you posted about.

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That's what I've noticed unless you cater whole hearted to that kind of thinking your done.

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Can you provide an example?

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How do you know for sure that people aren't reading examples? Maybe the stuff you're posting is so 1: boring, 2: stupid or 3: immature and childish that people just read through it, laugh and move on. Old saying: "When something seems wrong look to yourself for the answer." In other words, check yourself, first. If you're at fault for a thing accept it and grow from it.