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I got pretty close to being banned while another user was permanently banned for defending that there are only two genders.

It's very frustrating this topic is still up to discussion and even more frustrating that even viewing only two genders is being considered hate. For the record, I can't consider gender a personality. Gender is a biological thing, or at least attached to biological sex. It's related to your chromosomes, to your genitals, to how you interact with the other gender, to your anatomy, to your physical characteristics, and even to your own mentality and experience.

Hence why I believe there can only be two genders: male and female. The chromosomes always differentiate them; the genitals are always different; males can only breed with females and vice-versa; males and females have different anatomies; ales and females are born or grow different physical characteristics. Any other human gender doesn't have any physical evidence of existing.

Agender and bigender aren't third and fourth genders, they're just like either a mix or an absence of the two existent genders. I still find them both nonsensical because all people display and don't display characteristics associated to one or other gender. I don't show any male drive most of the time, I am still male because I was born one and I don't reject it.

Intersex (non-XY, non-XX chromosomes) people are also told to be a third gender. However, I consider intersex to be an anomaly. No one would ever argue people with Down syndrome are a different species than human.

I admit I kinda sympathize with transgender people who really hate the gender they were born as. Gender dysphoria is a thing and life is already unfair for them, so I'd support considering them to be the different gender from their assigned. Still, gender remains attached to all mentioned features and even the genuine transgender people pursue them.