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Trans ideology is trash

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I personally was not censored but a sub I subscribe to was - GenderCritical. I have concerns about children being allowed or encouraged to medically transition. I have concerns particularly about tween and teen girls feeling estranged from feeling like women because being a woman is has somehow become very narrow - super feminine, super into looks, makeup, fillers, Instagram, etc, and thus decide they must be a boy and start binding and developing a Dysphoria that wouldn’t exist otherwise. I have concerns that women and lesbians are told voices and experiences are not relevant, that only the oppression of trans people matters and not the oppression of women. I don’t like being told I can’t use the word uterus or that breastfeeding triggers someone else’s Dysphoria and thus women should not discuss their experiences and relations to their own bodies because of someone’s feelings.

I’m exceptionally liberal. I have dated trans people. I have been involved in the queer community. I lived in hyper liberal places, and it concerns me that these very very liberal folks are demanding censorship to preserve their feelings. I am a mental health counselor and quite frankly, Dysphoria is a personal problem. I believe that trans rights should be protected because I believe in equal rights for all human beings. I respect pronouns, I don’t care if you want to change your body to live as you see yourself, provided you are an adult. But I do not believe I should be told I cannot discuss my own bodily or lived experience because it makes someone feel “triggered.” I believe women have the right to have spaces for women who were born and socialized as women from in utero.

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I got pretty close to being banned while another user was permanently banned for defending that there are only two genders.

It's very frustrating this topic is still up to discussion and even more frustrating that even viewing only two genders is being considered hate. For the record, I can't consider gender a personality. Gender is a biological thing, or at least attached to biological sex. It's related to your chromosomes, to your genitals, to how you interact with the other gender, to your anatomy, to your physical characteristics, and even to your own mentality and experience.

Hence why I believe there can only be two genders: male and female. The chromosomes always differentiate them; the genitals are always different; males can only breed with females and vice-versa; males and females have different anatomies; ales and females are born or grow different physical characteristics. Any other human gender doesn't have any physical evidence of existing.

Agender and bigender aren't third and fourth genders, they're just like either a mix or an absence of the two existent genders. I still find them both nonsensical because all people display and don't display characteristics associated to one or other gender. I don't show any male drive most of the time, I am still male because I was born one and I don't reject it.

Intersex (non-XY, non-XX chromosomes) people are also told to be a third gender. However, I consider intersex to be an anomaly. No one would ever argue people with Down syndrome are a different species than human.

I admit I kinda sympathize with transgender people who really hate the gender they were born as. Gender dysphoria is a thing and life is already unfair for them, so I'd support considering them to be the different gender from their assigned. Still, gender remains attached to all mentioned features and even the genuine transgender people pursue them.

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The following facts hurt people's feelings:

Martha P Johnson wasn't trans and didn't throw the first brick. The USA didn't invent the gay liberation movement.

White transwomen have the lowest murder rate in the world out of any demographic.

The vast majority of murdered transwomen were not murdered in hate crimes.

Intersex people are still classified as either male or female. They're is no such thing as an intersex person that is both.

Men are significantly more likely to be raped by another man than they are to be falsely accused of rape by a woman.

The vast majority of men don't seek custody of their own kids. Over 90% of custody agreements are made outside of the court. 75% of men who seek custody will get it.

If you've only ever been with men your whole life and suddenly your spouse transitions, you're not suddenly a lesbian.

The majority of pressure new moms get to be perfect are from other women.

The majority of LGBT spaces are filled with bored straight chicks that see as us as a cool fashion accessory to pat themselves on the back. Pink haired straight white chicks are more rabid and vicious towards lesbians over our sexual boundaries than transwomen.

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The USA didn't invent the gay liberation movement.

Where did it come from?

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Every country had their own gay rights movements throughout history.

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I got banned for pointing out black people twitter was being racist

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They banned my sub r/uncensoredLGBT, for not falling in line with their ideas of what LGBT should be like I guess.

It was complete bullshit too, I did my best to enforce their BS rules while maintaining free debate, and they still banned it.

The kicker? This sub was neither right wing overall or transphobic (most transphobia was downvoted or removed).

The scope of reddits censorship has greatly increased, I feel mad that all of them were fine when it was just rightoids being banned, yet only now are they just beginning to care.

I have been against censorshit from the beginning, while the average redditor has egged them on.

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So many things. Usually just linking facts from somewhere and disagreeing with the narrative being pushed. The usual suspects:

  • Holocaust Red Cross documentation, also snippets from the biographies of "survivors"
  • FBI Crime statistics
  • Genealogical studies
  • IQ Bell Curve Info
  • Adoption Studies
  • Sharing news stories pushing for the normalization of pedophilia, but in a derogatory rather than celebratory way
  • Criticizing Israel
  • Memes
  • Laughing at people that are offended

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2017 I got banned from reddit (/iriemeditation) and haven't made an account there since.
I had been using it since about 2010, sitting on a nice fat stack over 600,000 post karma,
and this was back when they were fudging the votes and 2,000 was usually as high as it got.
It came out at some point that the voting system was all bullshit; now posts get 80,000 easy.

One of my top subs was /r/QuotesPorn, I made quite of bit of Quotes Porn Art and I was cashing it in!
But then a new mod showed up /u/skacey, who is probably still there making a joke out of that place.
My posts kept getting removed, good ones, powerful ones, thoughtful ones, with no valid reason provided.
I was pissed! /u/skacey kept saying that they didn't meet the size criteria or were not "sfwporn worthy".
ok, what's the size criteria?
"well, we don't want to put specific numbers on it"
well then stop removing my posts saying that they don't meet some arbitrary, meaningless, mysterious criteria.
It shouldn't be a secret, what the rules are, and why you keep removing my posts.
Needless to say all this escalated until I was banned from that shitty website.
Just because some dumbass new mod was on a power trip.
What it was really all about was that those weak bitches didn't like my quotes & viewpoints and they couldn't handle it.
The only way to shut me up was to keep removing my posts and never provide me with specific criteria or a reason.

It kinda sucks to type all this out and relive it.
It makes me want to create another account over there just to tell /u/skacey to fuck off one more time! lol

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Wooooo Saaaaaa : )

Thanks for letting me get all that off my chest saidit!

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Wow. I'd seen your posts around here but had no idea all this was part of how you came here.

If you want to add more to explain your view that was censored:

What it was really all about was that those weak bitches didn't like my quotes & viewpoints and they couldn't handle it. The only way to shut me up was to keep removing my posts and never provide me with specific criteria or a reason.

What do you think they didn't like about your quotes and viewpoints?

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I think people sometimes use the concept of "anti-Semitism" to suppress valid criticism and discussion of activities groups of Jewish people have engaged in.

I think LGBT is a dogmatic ideology and it's ok (or helpful) to free ourselves from its control.

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Usually one of two things.

  1. Pointing out to leftists (as an anti-capitalist, and scholar of Marx) that global financial control by a small amount of bankers and groups is integral to understanding the mess we are in. Leftists somehow want to believe that the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and other royal families don't exist. Just this opinion itself makes me "anti-semitic" and gets me banned from Bernie, stupidpol, etc.

  2. Pointing out that trans ideology is nonsensical.

Pretty much the only thing you can't criticize are billionares/trillionaires, elite families, israel, and trans.

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Got banned for suggesting that looters and "protestors" should "Call 911“ after a homeless guy opened fire on a group of people occupying a park in my lovely city. They actively shit on first responders, but DEMAND they intervene when the shit hits the fan. That sub is a cesspool of propaganda and bullshit. It didn't used to be that way.