You think things are falling apart? We're kicking ass. by malthuswaswrong in politics

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The blacks burned down their own cities. They're just going to have to wait until whites rebuild for them. The punishment fits the crime. first, I wouldn't be so quick to separate this shit by race. From where I sit, federal and state police has been tracking down the most violent incidents of violence and arson - in all cases that I've seen it was white lefties that were the perpetrators. For example that Wendy's burning down? White woman. Molotov cocktails at police cars? 2 white women and 1 white man.

Those weren't black or white cities. Those were American cities.

second, i think you may have missed out on the huge amount of donations that BLM has been getting. When you got individual companies like Ford and Apple writing them checks at 100 million a piece, their Go Fund Me campaigns bringing in tens of millions... Collectively US economy just wrote them a check of several billion dollars. All that money is flowing from BLM to Act Blue to Democratic campaigns, a lot of it is going to be dispersed as handouts to these activist organizations that pushed the riots and violence.

Millions of US citizens are going to be looking for jobs in the coming years, but the BLM activists are going to be set for cushy payrolls either off all this charity or, in many cases as direct leeches on municipal and state budgets due to all the new programs that are being set in place right now.

The only casualties I have seen so far are the victims of riot violence, most of which were people trying to mind their own business, or the police tasked with trying to contain it. That and the US taxpayers who have already been funding this activism for decades and just saw their hidden tax bill expand significantly.

You think things are falling apart? We're kicking ass. by malthuswaswrong in politics

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how I know Trump is about to lose? People like Tim Pool who have been favoring Trump heavily over last several months, now needing to reach to literally start reading from 'Art of War' to try and and come up with arguments of why the current events might not be as awful for Trump's chance of victory as they seem.

Tl,DR of that take - "Republican's massive show of weakness, ineffectiveness and dropping support might all be just a ruse.... that somehow organically manifested itself all across the country"

You think things are falling apart? We're kicking ass. by malthuswaswrong in politics

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winning? Name one thing Republicans have 'won' despite them being technically in power?

Democrats are riding the wave, shilling out billions in funding to their pet projects and causes, writing new laws and policies at municipal and state level, publicly handing over US territory to social experiments and telling US president to fuck off and mind his own business.

When the President tried to flex executive power, MSM paraded a string of United States military generals softly hinting that US military would not support him if he tried to use them to counter the riots.

Seriously, where do you see Republican party get their way? Because I see Dems and BLM pretty much running the country as they please.

FFS they have just sent a very clear message to police that if you try to enforce any laws again black people, you will get fucked by the state. It is not longer allowed to bother black men when they are driving drunk, if you resist a black man that's attacking you and stealing your gun, you are charged with assault and if you try to shoot back when that black man shoots you, it's felony murder.

This Republican's winning? Democrats have just very clearly set down the new law - 'Our side is not subject to law. Yours is. Btw, we make the law now." BLM now gets to decide who gets charged with what and when in this country.

What's been republican response to this. Silence and compliance, that's what. Oh wait. I forgot. They are 'showing up dems at their own game' as they make fun of Yale? That's when they are not blatantly kneeling and kissing BLM's ass by doing things like sending out EOs to give felons the right to vote (huge concession to dems)

Taken from r Kia: new site that attempts to categorize games on scale of wokeness. by tabletobGamingFan in KotakuInAction

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Too tiny to be useful yet, but its a start for a type of review that is very much needed - not just to inform players who want to avoid certain types of content, but also perhaps to educate some devs on why their content is seen as unwanted.

Federal Funds Used to Research 'Hate Speech' on Gab by AliceofX in KotakuInAction

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When one starts digging, a large amount of SJW bullshit originated from government grants/funds supporting 'research' including sociology which went toward racism/sexism.

Been watching mentions of such studies crop up all over for over 3 decades. Small amounts but they feed sick lifestyles. A lot of taxpayers like the idea of the government supporting research initiatives - but they are usually hopeful that the tax revenue is going to supporting research on something like a better nuclear reactor or futuristic batteries.

Not some talentless hack coasting through life on an endless run of government handouts, getting yet another one to professional pearl-clutch over internet comments.

Nick Cave explains his thoughts on changing old “problematic lyrics” by AliceofX in KotakuInAction

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Given context of modern culture and some of their lyrics, it's a bit amusing to me that I have discovered their music through a scene in Harry Potter movies out of all places.

California school authorities knew that one Asian family has COVID 19 - but didn’t tell the parents or cancel school - because they were afraid it would appear racist by RedditHasDied in WorldNews

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this is exactly the kind of news that would shift political views of the silent majority to the saner path, if they were allowed to see it. Can't help but notice that this story is nowhere to be found on reddit though.

Private schools being sued for their Title IX Kangaroo courts... under Title IX among other things. by tabletobGamingFan in KotakuInAction

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reading through the details of the College's investigation and deliberation as they are described in the lawsuit it must have been a very frustrating experience. Good lesson for everyone to remember is that such biased and unfair investigations should not lead to you losing composure as the more unfair they are, the greater leverage you may gain in actual courts.

Saidit is pretty young. But it has potential to grow. Perhaps the KIA community should organize a bit to proactively secure some fandoms. by tabletobGamingFan in KotakuInAction

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my point was that if you do that without actually starting the sub on saidit, there is nothing stopping the mods from reddit from making an account on saidit, creating a copy of the sub and continuing a very similiar style of moderation here. after that, it doesn't matter if people come over - they will quickly run into same bullshit. Maybe slightly tuned down at first by saidit's more explicit moderation policy, but i doubt the owners of this startup have the time to investigate and follow up on every violation by mods.

the first one to get make the sub, gets to be the first mod and make all the starting rules etc..

Woman to sue NHS over ‘rushed’ gender reassignment treatment by AliceofX in KotakuInAction

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fuck... this is kind of close to home for me and was completely unaware despite trying to keep an eye on such changes.

In Canada we did have a case recently where a dad was gagged by the court from even speaking about his kid being put on hormone treatments by the mother after the divorce.

The news here memory hole such events pretty tight. 99% of the public completely unaware of any of these cases aside from how "trans people targeted by bigots constantly". on reddit, r canada has been deleting any post on the topic for several years now.

my only hope at this point is that these native train blockades that nearly crippled our economy for 2 weeks, might have given the local conservatives a chance to take the federal government in next election. Right now Canada is completely dominated by left wing parties.

Woman to sue NHS over ‘rushed’ gender reassignment treatment by AliceofX in KotakuInAction

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Lawmakers seem all too happy to experiment with the delicate balance between ability to consent of a minor and difficulty of gender change.

did any lawmakers actually experiment yet?

afaik, all countries where law even touched this issue, it was only activist judges, stretching some other legal precedents over this new niche, that made any decisions.

Body camera video: 6-year-old girl cries, screams for help as Orlando police arrest her at school by dcjogger in news

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Kaia, a first grader at charter school, had a tantrum earlier in the day where she had kicked and punched three school employees, leading to her arrest on a charge of misdemeanor battery, according to her arrest report.

i am going to try and look at it from a policeman's POV.

if you are dealing with a kid you don't know and they are known to throw violent tantrum, why take the chance that she starts another one and might hurt herself while in your custody?

Cuffed, she is more likely to remain manageable so less chance of another violent incident and it's not going to actually harm her.

This is one of those situations where at first glance the first question that comes up is 'do police really need a pair of handcuffs to control a six year old?', but how about it 'is it really unreasonable to enact a harmless security measure to mitigate risk of needing to get into a physical tassle with a kid prone to throwing tantrums'.

Another risk is she might in fact try to bolt - kids are far more pone to irrational behavior - and now you are a chasing down a 6 year old, trying to grab her without hurting her. Depending on where she runs and how hard she tries that's a lot of potential risks that are again mitigated somewhat by the restraints.

[Removal Post] This bumper sticker used by Canadian oil field workers triggered leftists so hard they reported it to the RCMP. But the Mounties found that it broke no laws. by DomitiusOfMassilia in KotakuInAction

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the sperg out over this in r alberta is pretty entertaining if you haven't had your lifetime's fill of pearl-clutching

You probably haven’t heard about the sixteen-year-old girl who got murdered by five other kids early last Monday afternoon on a quiet little street in the quiet little town of Biloxi, Mississippi. If the circumstances had been altered slightly, it would be the only news story you’d heard about. by Chipit in news

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so, premeditated and organized murder by a gang.

lots of authors personal opinions overlaid over the news... but to me seems unfair to complain about lack of quality given that actual news seem to have skipped this story entirely as unimportant.

Students Demand Their School Treat Coronavirus-Themed Party as a ‘Hate Crime’ by AliceofX in KotakuInAction

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author taking issue with the party's theme and digging really hard into a a basic smiley face pic that represents eyes as dashes being a targeted dig at asians

posted a now-deleted video of the off-campus party with the caption: “Corona virus isn’t gonna stop anyone from partying.”

just another case of reading non-existent context in innocent displays and than exaggerating 100-fold

One has the letter X over each eye and looks like a sick face. The other is a frown, with what looks like straight lines for eyes. Is it supposed to be an Asian person with the virus? It certainly looks like it could be.

literally all she has found for her claims of racism and hate