On Magdalen Berns' controversial tweet by sotired in GenderCritical

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yeah, I wanted to find it too, but I couldn't. She was quote tweeting someone, in the screenshots. But I was making the assumption based on her early videos, and her experiences as a lesbian in university, that she was only exposed to the AGP sort.

I need just two or three salient points to send to a mom friend that highlight why gender ideology is harmful... by lavender_watercolor in GenderCritical

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afaik they offer services to trans women in separate spaces.

On Magdalen Berns' controversial tweet by sotired in GenderCritical

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Should we start marching?? by bluetinfoilhat in GenderCritical

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Not till we get vaccinated for COVID. Sorry, I'm extremely paranoid.

I need just two or three salient points to send to a mom friend that highlight why gender ideology is harmful... by lavender_watercolor in GenderCritical

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Vancouver Rape relief was protested against, and defunded. Not only that, "feminists" nailed dead rats around the place. All for not allowing a trans woman to volunteer! A freaking rape shelter! Which houses vulnerable women! Why do they want to expose these poor women, many of whom are probably triggered by male bodies, after having been subject to male violence, to transgender males?! And how do they think that defunding a rape shelter, and messing up its operation, is progressive?


Edit: The top comment on https://saidit.net/s/GenderCritical/comments/5643/stats_on_violence_against_women_by_tims/ is also useful. It's extremely horrible that trans males are imprisoned in women's prisons, and they've also raped female prisoners.

What are you doing to dismantle sexist stereotypes? by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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While it's true that women need to cast out sexist stereotypes, this is more of a problem for men. A woman wearing men's clothes, short hair, and no make up is mostly accepted in polite society, thanks to all the work put in by gender-nonconforming women of long long ago. But a man in a dress and make-up, is not as easily tolerated.

You need to be asking men to shed their sexist stereotypes, and wear whatever footwear and clothes they please.

Edit: Personally, I never shave, never wear make-up. I used to exclusively wear pants and a t-shirt/tunic top for a long time, but I've recently switched to long skirts and tops/shirts/t-shirts, because I find skirts more comfortable. I own exactly one pair of slippers, and one pair of sneakers.

Leave Babysitters Club alone! by GrendelsScaryMom in GenderCritical

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Didn't have to search hard, sigh. How do people think this is acceptable? https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/life/parenting/a43702/transgender-child-kimberly-shappley/

Why do tras always act like not agreeing with their ideology is "denying trans people human rights " by TheSeventhSense in GenderCritical

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What reality do TiMs live in that they think everytime someone is slightly concerned about their unfair advantage in a women sports league that it's an attack on their right to exist?

Exactly! I was recently talking to a friend who's "on the fence" about this issue, and they were like "What do you think they should do instead? A separate category for them won't work out..." And I was so angry about the whole thing that I said "Why do they need to participate in competitive sports anyway?" and I was told that "They deserve rights too" and that I'm denying them rights.

Rights to what? Rights to participate in women's sports? If transgender people had attempted to create their own category, I would've supported them. But they've participated and won in women's sports for a long time now, violating our boundaries and being extremely unfair. Why should I do the mental labour of figuring out solutions for people who have no empathy for women? Why am I not allowed to show anger at the oppressors?