/u/HongKongPooey posts too much thrashy clickbait links. by LarrySwinger2 in SaidIt

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Does he get paid for these links? Just seems like typically Jewish clickbait filth to me. The internet is full of this low IQ trashy garbage. I read a shit ton of it comes from Israel.

Trans activists clash with Neo-Nazis in brawl outside Supreme Court. by [deleted] in politics

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The term neonazis is usually just a term used by Jewish nationalists-ie zionists-to describe white nationalists-ie whites who oppose demographic replacement. It means nothing really, but because Jewish nationalists control the media we all get force fed their side of things.

How far-right American Jews are enabling Netanyahu’s court takeover by dicknipples in politics

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This is just Jewish inter-tribal squabbling that doesn't really affect the rest of us. It's a disagreement about strategy and optics, not goals. Both the Israeli "left" and "right" are perfectly fine with having a blatant apartheid ethnostate and both pursue mass immigration to the west as a means of demographic warfare. What passes for the left are more concerned about optics and it's affect on Jewish ability to endlessly guilt trip the west to get what they want, while the right are like fuck it, we own the goys and their politicians regardless so lets just do what the fuck we want.

Elon Musk: Why Does The Media Misrepresent Interracial Crime Stats ‘To Such An Extreme Degree’? by [deleted] in MediaAnalysis

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My god the ridiculous boomer takes in these comments.

The media does this because it’s owned by and full of anti-white Jews. Musk knows this full well, he just cant openly say it.

The Yuan will never become the international currency by jet199 in WorldPolitics

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Yeah because trusting Jews like Sam Bankman Fried with our wealth has turned out so well.

The Co-Founder of Codepink, the Ultimate Leftist Organization, Speaks Quite Highly of the Republicans in Congress Who Are Anti-War and Puts Down the Democrats Who Are Supporting the War in Ukraine by Questionable in politics

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Codepink was always pushed by the neocons to be their preferred opposition, going back to the Iraq war. They intentionally promoted this organization with this completely emasculated name and persona so that it wouldn't attract anyone but boomer soccer moms and quirky feminists.

Now a new breed of neocon pushing endless Ukraine war are bringing back codepink for the same purpose.