Plastic packaging from M&S and Tesco and Essex council recycling sacks found piling up 20ft high in Malaysian jungle - "recycling" just dumped on the other side of the world? by magnora7 in corruption

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Humm, are the brits offering to take it back? Perhaps they should fund the actual recycling plant at the location.

LA 2030, enjoy... by DannyDubai in news

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8 more feet of sink should about do the city in, LA is the closest port in a storm

Mexico City, the worlds’ third largest city with 18.7 million people, is sinking far more than experts had originally predicted.

In the last 100 years, parts of Mexico City have sunk as much as forty-two feet. This sinking has caused considerable damage to buildings, roads, and critical infrastructure.

You can’t raise the city again,” said hydraulic engineer Ramón Domínguez. “The only hope is to stop it from sinking further.”

Mexico City is sinking about eight inches a year and construction crews are scrambling to save the city from flooding, the most imminent danger posed by sinking.

Ariel Flores, water-reuse manager for the National Water Commission, warns of the potential dangers, saying, “[Flooding] would paralyze the economy of the entire country. It would be a total disaster. Imagine the Congress, the stock exchange, the country’s biggest airport, everything under water.”

Where will the people go ?

"A picture of LA if all the world's ice caps melt away." by JasonCarswell in ClimateSkeptics

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See picture of LA in 2030

Border Patrol agent detained two US citizens at a gas station after hearing them speak Spanish by dcjogger in news

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I guess we have to know what they were saying in Spanish. What if they were remarking about the 2 child sex slaves they bought?

Isn't it weird that Trump hasn't done a thing to help 40M Americans in poverty, 29M without health insurance, 500K living on the streets, or entire cities without clean water... but suddenly he cares so much about humanitarian aid to #Venezuela that he's willing to start a war? by EndlessSunflowers in conspiracy

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Humm, I seem to remember both the Clinton guy and Obama guy did soooo much for the people you are concerned about. Have you looked at the bills introduced in congress this year, they are also very concerned... Perhaps you should wite your congress person.