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She should have tried out "I don't eat any animal products anymore" twenty or even ten years ago when the most people didn't even knew the term "vegan" and thought it would mean that you only could still eat seeds and grass and that you are probably caught up in some weird "cult" or that you plan to "starve yourself to death" or the whole palette of "classic" insults like "you eat the food of my food" plus people around you being rude to you on any occasion, making fun of you, trying to make you feel like worthless piece of shit, always provoking you until you say something only to claim that you are the one always coming up with the topic, giving you "the sad eye" on the table because you "can't" eat these or that (nevermind how often you repeat that you don't want to), calling you "extremist" or even "terrorist" - and all that just because you don't want to join their feast on dead bodies or refuse to eat something that came out of a cows tit or out of a birds ass, it's hilarious.