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You're the only other person I've encountered who knew of the Essenes. What do you think happened to them ? It seems they just left.

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A great deal of sources suggest Qumran was sacked by Rome. Signs point toward Roman authorities being extremely unflattered by them, leading them to hunt down the Essenes as well as the Proto-Christians. There are adjacent theories about an earthquake or even multiple destroying the village's/compound's infrastructure. Ultimately, it appears it was related to their disinterest in Essene practices.

Qumran had access, supposedly, to ancient technologies (even ancient for them, not just us); these technologies included certain types of crystals they would use to power machinery or trinkets like "lanterns" and even star system replicas (another residual technology). They claimed these technologies were granted to them by the Calou, ancient Flame Keepers who harbored great, powerful, and expensive knowledge, seemingly granted to them (along with their role) by residual Atlanteans, the progeny of Enki.

Would you enjoy an explanation for why the Romans wanted to expel them? This also ties into the reason for the splintering of early Christians, which conveniently explains my theory regarding "ancient Judaism", which most people confuse for Essenic cults and their practices. To be brief, Socrates (Plato) and Jesus both seem to have drawn ire from peers due to their profanation of Mysteries, leading to excerpts like Mark 4:11.

As a bonus, "Nazareth" was not a place, but a group of people, evidently in cooperation with or a part of the Essenes.

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Absolutely; why did the Romans want to expel them, although I suggest that one of the contributing factors was in the Essenes desire to live separately, which the Romans seemed to view with suspicion.

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why did the Romans want to expel them

There are several reasons for this; profanation of Mysteries (again, see Socrates/Plato and Jesus both being killed for sharing the secrets), Jesus being himself a member of the royal line of Pharaohs, the Calou giving the Essenes ancient technology which was partly used to, as mentioned, generate, distribute and store power, but also partly used to defend themselves.

The profanation entailed sharing the Kykeon (reminiscent of the Soma, the Ayahuasca, the Ibogaine, the Blue Lotus, and much more) which inspired the Eucharist ritual, which resembled intimately the Eleusinian Mystery rituals and the Bacchanalia festivals at least in part. Beyond this, as Jesus alludes to in Mark 4:11, he actively taught Mysteries, having learned from the ancient Mystery Schools in Egypt, Persia, Tibet, India and even more (being a Shaman himself, he was familiar with the Druids and was likely either King Arthur himself or what inspired him), to his disciples (remember, 12 for the 12 months, signs, Labors, Rowers, Knights, etc.). All of this is to say Jesus was involved with and trained by the ancient Craftworkers. His father was a Carpenter, right? Well, how much woodworking was done in those days? What did they build houses out of in that area during that time?

Jesus was the last of the Pharaohs. Remember how we found mummies with red hair still attached to the skull thousands of years later? Guess what color Jesus' hair was. Why did he wear purple? Why did the Magi first visit Herod in pursuit of the royal child of Prophecy? Why was he "mocked" with the title "King of the Judeans" (and who were the Judeans?)? The answer is pretty clear. Also, keep in mind that he wasn't the only one involved with royal blood - his wife, Mary, also descended from a noble line, a noble Priestess of Astarte (which should explain the resemblance to Artemis and the reference to Bees).

As explained, the Calou granted ancient technologies to the Essenes, a Pythagorean order of communal ascetics. Contrary to popular belief, this wasn't a men's club of any kind. Not only were women living there, being revered as Masters/Teachers, but children also lived there. From birth, they were trained in ancient ways to master the body and its esoteric functions. The important thing is this is supposedly at least one way they made use of and/or powered the ancient technologies which, again, revolved around the use of crystals. But that's not all: they also understood how to use "The Music" or, what might be better explained as soundwaves. Check out those huge stone spheres in Costa Rica. Now you know what they were used for.

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    You're fun. What other ways do you enjoy using the scrying softwares?

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    Are you a woman?

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    Ahh, just like old times.

    I find a lot of people who take this rhetorical route haven't come to understand the concept of nor integrated the Anima. By my estimation, this usually means they're struggling with their masculinity and aren't sure how to mesh the two polarities within themselves yet. Being an Intuitive myself, I find/found integrating the Anima to not be too difficult, and now that I'm more comfortable with the convergence, it makes it a lot easier to read people, forecast events, or learn a great deal more. I highly suggest it, just like I suggest not being so uncomfortable with women. Did you know gay men hate women far more than "incels"?

    Although I'm not a woman, I thoroughly enjoy them in a variety of ways.

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    By my estimation, this usually means they're struggling with their masculinity and aren't sure how to mesh the two polarities within themselves yet. ...I suggest not being so uncomfortable with women. Did you know gay men hate women far more than "incels"?

    I know what the Anima is, "a man's feminine side." But it's a massive leap of projection to assume someone pointing out an adult male who doesn't have an ounce of masculinity in them, must be "projection." By that logic, anyone who doesn't think Dylan Mulvaney is the manliest of men, must also be "projecting."

    I never even made that assumption about you anyway; it was a joke question out of the blue because this site has no women. So I would've asked it to anyone. It had nothing to do with you. To quote Thanos, "I don't even know who you are." But way to spill the beans about your insecurity with yourself by leaning too much into a random question from someone who's never even seen you on the site before.

    Next time just say, "No, I'm a faggot/trans" and it'd be a lot easier on yourself than revealing your panties fetish or your love for taking dick up the rear and sucking more cock than Kim Kardashian, but trying to project that onto others as a deflection. Jesus fucking Christ dude; way to snitch on yourself to a rando on the internet... If this is a joke, then you went way too far into it. Never go Full Faggot.

    And with that, I'm going to go back to ignoring you now. Sorry I even poked the tranny nest.

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    Wait, so your question was just a joke comprised of veiled third-party commentary on how there are not any women on Saidit, but my willingness to just move along and try to issue a stimulating response that isn't necessarily a jab at you is somehow me accusing you of "projection"? If I was going to say "you're projecting" I would have just said that. This is very odd behavior and it's interesting that you'd choose to handle things this way.

    The modern fetish with "transsexuality" completely gets the ancient idea of combining the sexes within the individual wrong. Just as Jung modernized the idea in his explanations, it isn't a physical idea, but expressing it artistically in a physical form is what we should consider a veiled reference. Jesus, like Dionysus and plenty of others, was depicted with feminine features. It wasn't because he's a tranny or something. Instead, it's a suggestion that he had a personality that transcended the outward expressions of his genetics and was capable of utilizing the feminine features that extend beyond physical within his personality or capabilities.

    I never even made that assumption about you anyway

    It's weird that you tried to make it seem like I made the assumption about you though. What if I was just brushing off your imagined hazing and decided to instead just try to give a stimulating response?