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The shocking thing is the fact that they actually did dive with that thing down to the Titanic a couple of times before the hull ruptured. It actually worked until it didn't!

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wow. but i still cant believe that our world's scientists didnt speak up and say something about this..

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The CEO guy actually had multiple different engineers tell him again and again that the sub was unsafe and that he shouldn't dive with it. He was just incredibly stubborn and went ahead with it anyways.

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It's not really that shocking. The submarine works fine, until it doesn't. That's the main problem.

It's like how Russian roulette is a perfectly safe game with no negative repurcussions more than 80% of the time!

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I know this seems a crazy thing but we can't stop somebody with an interest in exploring new things whether it's a submarine or the heights of the sky. This is similar to the case If a student wants to achieve a good grade he/she will make 100% effort with his academic writing whether they need to hire cipd help by payforassignments because life is a race. If you wish to achieve anything you will go for it miles away.

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I don't exactly know the laws about this situation, but when you charge money to take someone on a vessel that goes out into the Open water there are in most cases licensing requirements for the captain of that vessel.

I don't want to get into a pissing match with you about this because that's not my intent.. my point is just to say that you can't just do any old willy-nilly thing that you want to when you're receiving money from customers to teach them something or to take them on a journey of some sort.. for example if I was to offer to take people on an airplane up in the sky it is expected that that airplane has met certain mechanical requirements certain maintenance requirements and that I am also licensed as a pilot accordingly.

Boat Captain License Needed

Default (GPT-3.5)


If I wanted to start a service that takes people out on a boat to go for fishing trips do I need to be licensed as a boat captain perhaps to do that?


Yes, if you want to start a fishing charter service and take people out on a boat for fishing trips, you will likely need to obtain the necessary licenses and certifications. In many regions, this includes a captain's license, such as a U.S. Coast Guard Captain's License in the United States. You may also need permits or licenses related to operating a charter business and complying with fishing regulations. It's important to research and comply with all local, state, and federal regulations in your area to ensure your business operates legally and safely.

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Holy shit it looks like something a crazy guy built in his garage from spare parts.

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i wish that i had seen this before they launched it.. cuz like i have been writing code for forty years and tinkering with small robotics projects off and on for 25 years...

i would have taken one look at that tinkertoy bullshit and i would have started SCREAMING are you facking nuts? you are planning on going how deep in that erector set bullshit? i would have freaked the fuck out.

there should have been an arduino and a raspberry pi in there somewhere...

did you see that clear plastic hose on the outside of it that had wires in it? and they were planning to go to the bottom of the ocean to visit the titanic? nnnnoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!


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its called Evolution in Action ....

I heard something about carbon fiber

but carbon fibers outstanding property is immense tensile strength

while in deep water its a matter of compressive strength

likely there is much more involved structurally

supposedly they new there was some damage and they decided to see it repaired before that trip

Alvin submersible :

2-inch thick titanium sphere pressure hull

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Pretty sure it was a psyop or way to help other elite fake their deaths so that they can go ahead and move to their DUMB or whatever safe space to prepare for some upcoming cataclysm.