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    Incels don't exist. Its only a pejorative word

    Thats not even remotely true, this is a term they invented and identify as, and it has an entire ideology that goes beyond just being celibate involuntarily (red pill, black pill, etc). It might be used pejoratively by people outside of this group, but that is only a reflection of how society as a whole views this self-identified ideological group


    Have a gander for yourself

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    They don't exist for long, they soon level up to their final form, transcels, larping as lesbians and fueling the TERF uprising

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    Man, is this a reverse psyo-op? I know trannys lack awareness, but this looks like false flag propaganda because it is so ridiculous. If this is sincere than trannys are even more insane than I thought, and it was already pretty bad.

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    It’s for real. The tr-nscult itself is basically end stage MKULTRA.

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      Yes I totally agree with everything are saying here. This is not a real identity, but society has made them miserable, and they need help, but I don't think its fair to say the term is completely pejorative and made up by haters, when incels created this term, self-identify as it, and develop an entire ideology around it. As you pointed out, this is a symptom of the same nonsense as the transgenders who do the same thing - create new words, self-identify as them, and create hateful nonsensical ideologies to cope with being cast aside by society. Society is failing people of many spectrums of belief on a wide scale, but this 'identity politics' is completely toxic and worsening this problem. Trans, incels, whoever, people who need help are instead becoming radicalized by psychotic nonsense of various types of identity driven ideology, and some of these identities arent even real

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      The ideology is problematic.

      It's not that they aren't "real". It's the very idea that they are "involuntarily celibate" which is just roundabout way of saying they aren't attractive to anyone.

      It's the problem with the extremes of the "you are fine just the way you are and you don't need to change for anyone, just be yourself!" mantra that was drilled into kids for decades. It's true, sort of, but not always true. You don't need to make up some fake identity to "be cool" and come off as some insincere prick. But if your "true self" is an unlovable selfish ass or something like that maybe you do need to do some soul searching and change who you are.

      We all know people who are just clueless when it comes to relationships. It's perfectly fine and honestly I respect people who do their own thing and don't care that it makes them less attractive to the opposite sex, but they can't go around and whine about that after the fact. Like it's totally fine by me if you want to be a misogynistic asshole who insults women. I think it's hilariously funny and love watching stupid women get taken down a peg. But if you're a misogynistic asshole who then complains about women not wanting to sleep with you, well no shit Sherlock.

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      Only simps and degenerates use that buzzword.