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Dont forget to thank them for the gold kind stranger

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ALL le updoots!

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Big deal. I got permabanned by some humourless soul over at s/gendercritical just because I mod a sub called s/thatsretarded.

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this is actually something of a problem that IS NOT A PROBLEM at twitter.. At twitter, there are no subs and there are no sub moderators that can shitcan my posts..

at twitter, any individual person can block me, but that doesn't kick me off the site completely... hey, if some person doesn't want to read what i wrote then don't read it, see if i care... Elon Musk's "no censorship" rules simplified are that you can't be threatening.. that will get you kicked.. for a long time, the LGBT MAFIA and the TRANNIE BRIGADES have made a habit of blocking and shadow banning users, but that is entirely not an issue any more since elon musk has taken over.

alon musk terminated ALL BOARD MEMBERS leaving him as the only board member, meaning he is running shit now.

Len - dont steal my sunshine

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Ah, good ol' Len. Marc Costanza used to hang with friends of mine back just before this hit. They always used to say he could have been a much bigger star, but he couldn't get out of his own way...