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What is zionist about that? "Jews did 9/11" is nonsense. That's just not how Jews operate.

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Many Jews and white Zionists were involved with PNAC. And mossad got caught living with one of the saudi highjackers in Hollywood, Florida. This is all well documented and proven.

I'm disappointed in you schmidt, you sound like modern scum.

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The video in the thread that you linked to is moronic and not worth 30 minutes of my time. If you have real evidence in text form, I will look at it. Even if a Mossad was connected to one of the highjackers, this doesn't prove anything.

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Even if Mossad was living with one of the highjackers, in the US, before 9/11, it means nothing? It sounds like your mind is made up already.

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My intuition is that it makes no sense for Jews to do 9/11 because it is a pointless risk when they already control the American political system. Mossad could have lived with a highjacker to spy on them, and it is possible that Mossad wouldn't have stopped 9/11, but that doesn't mean that they were behind it.

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Why control US politics and do nothing with it? Iraq was toppled. Syria was nearly toppled. These and many more actions directly benefit Israel way more than the US.

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Jewish control of US politics already resulted in US support for Israel. 9/11 just caused the US attack on Afghanistan which didn't benefit Israel. Iraq and Syria had nothing to do with 9/11.

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I respect your opinions. But there were Jews all over 9/11, I will not forget or forgive.